Auralux Constellations coming to Nintendo Switch (tomorrow it looks like)

Auralux Constellations is one of the most satisfying strategy games I’ve ever played and it’s coming to the Switch. The short of the game is you start with a planet that produces flying energy things that you can either send to another planet to claim, or upgrade your first planet.

There’re usually two opponents doing the same and they’ll be fighting each other and you for dominance of the galaxy.

I was given a code and played the Switch version (I’d guess release version) a bit early using Joy-con/joysticks and while there was a little learning curve the play was what I wanted. The option to repeat the last command with one button is a marvelous addition over the touch-only versions I’ve played in the past.

It feels a wee bit more challenging than it used to without being difficult, but that may just be trying to convert how I used to play it to joysticks.

Auralux Constellations stock image

Auralux Constellations is releasing tomorrow – June 22nd, 2023 on Nintendo Switch. A special launch discount of 75% will be live from June 22 through July 6, 2023.

I forgot to check whether it was playable via touch… I’m assuming it is.

I really wish I had it with me today.

Anyhow, it’s a great game that I’m going to force my kids to learn now as it’s not annoying and teaches some strategy.

You can learn a bit more at although it looks like their certificate is invalid and you’ll have to choose to proceed. Or watch some gameplay videos on YouTube and you’ll get the satisfying chill, yet bloodthirsty gameplay.

Auralux has been a series I’ve played on PC, iPad, Android, and now Switch… and it’s fun.

Price is listed as $7.99 but it’s not stated if that’s before the discount of after. I’m assuming before but you can check it out during the launch sale time and see for yourself.

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