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Health battle / site changes maybe coming / bloggity stuff

I haven’t brought this up much I don’t think, but for the past 109 days I’ve been about as sick as I’ve ever been in my life. March 6, 2023 I came down with the worst cold/allergies I’ve ever had, the whole family had something. They got over it, I did not.

TL;DR – bloggity stuff, train of thought, ran out of time editing before had to leave to pick up kid so it’s even less coherent than usual

It wasn’t Covid (home test, clinic test,) strep, flu. And as far as we know at the moment it might have just been a trigger for what happened. It went on for 3-4 weeks and left, but about a week after the brunt of things left I realized one day I could barely walk. Went to a walk-in, got steroids and antibiotics, and for 10 day I started feeling good again.

By 12 days I was once again losing that, and by 15 I was wondering if I was going to have to have knee surgery as I was unable to straighten either of my legs and my right knee felt like it had been beaten. (other stuff such as arms hurting, headaches, etc)

I’m going to cut through a bit of this because there’s a lot of story, 13 vials of blood tested, and still no clue (not lyme evidently, fits Lyme. Not any of the major ones. Not an STI. no RH factors for arthitis, liver is working hard but two months prior it was not.) I got put on a cheap antibiotic and that’s helping… meaning it’s probably a bacterial infection and that narrows it down to only a few thousand possibilities. I say probably because doxycycline supposedly also has anti-inflammatory properties in the event it’s a running virus.

On the upside, I just lost 32 pounds in 109 days, so there’s that.

With good health insurance I spent 99 days attempting to get a doctor & diagnosis, and on day 100 I got someone to test a bunch of things and start treating for Lyme as that was the suspected cause. Treatment’s helping, and they’ve extended it to a 3 week course so hopefully I won’t have what happened two days after the first set of antibiotics.

Anyhow, Pocketables & theITbaby I’ve been thinking about.

ITB was originally created back when CG owned Pocketables and I was attempting to convince the people running the site they needed to make changes to the install by demonstrating that they could be done. I also wanted some toys for my kiddos.

Pocketables was created by another person. I never even heard of it until I started writing for GoodAndEvo, and that was merged with Pocketables, and then I spent three years fighting to get pocketables on track as… well that’s a really long story and in the past.

One of the reasons Pocketables is the way it is is because of inertia. We did things a certain way because (it worked.) We kept doing things a certain way because. It has become more of a personal blog than I expected it to be but whatever. Change happens and I’m evidently an attention freak so whatever.

I don’t like the way Android sites are going. It’s following SEO practices and an ever diminishing return on that, I know. I tried while trying to keep the Pocketables staff paid (prior to my purchase of the place.) I’ve kept up with most of the changes that are thrown in every few months. It’s not good trying to appease Google. You end up writing what Google wants. It’s not good trying to appease Bing…. Bing’s just terrible let’s face it.

Eh, I have no idea, but I’m taking a vacation from the site for a bit in a week (people in town, holidays here). I’ve been on it a bit too much while I was sick and really not accomplishing anything. Really nothing else to do when it’s a body-shaking effort to walk down a flight of stairs (up was always fine.) Try and figure out if I have a direction to go other than finding something that catches my eye and showing it to the world and trying to make them happy.

Oh yeah, I also turned 50 the other day, while sick as a dog. I have now spent well over half my life in IT, computers, phones, gadgets, and writing how-tos.

Fun times to sit and reflect. Should you have any input on site direction, viral/bacterial infection, or SEO-ignoring paths, let me know.

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