If we can have Christmas in July, may I suggestion a National Unsubscribe Day in June?

Sometime in late November will be National Unsubscribe Day… whether you celebrate on Cyber Monday, or Black Friday, or the following Friday, it’s a thing and it doesn’t have to be the end of November to celebrate. National Unsubscribe Day can be in your heart and celebrated shortly after Halloween in April.

Rather than delete key after delete key, open that email, go to the bottom and click the unsubscribe.

Every device you purchase these days seems to require you to create an account which auto-opts you into a mailing list. While you may be required to initially accept, most people just spend the remainder of their days clicking delete, delete, delete. It’s easier to delete than to unsubscribe, that’s true… but getting off of a mailing list can bring satisfaction.

While most of us have gigabytes of email storage to spare, can you even calculate the mental toll scrolling through garbage you know you’ll never open a single email from does to someone?

So do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from the marketing emails your Smart Thermostat pushed on you. Nix the daily newsletter. Maybe tell the friend who does nothing but send you how terrible their life is but how they’re not going to change anything that perhaps they should stop sending these emails to you. Create a rule in your email to route stuff you might want to look when you have time at to a different folder.

Basically reclaim your inbox and celebrate by unsubscribing in June.

Oh yeah, and answer the phone when Aerocare calls up for the 17th time this month and tell them to put you on their do not call list for the second time.

Unwanted emails and useless app notifications take up far, far too much mental time and you just don’t need that.

When an app you don’t care about notifies you of something you don’t care about, long press the notification and turn off its ability to make sounds or notify you.

Take control, and have a great Late Halloween in April / Early Halloween in August / National Unsubscribe Day in June.

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