One of the odder TV mysteries I’ve had

Today my 10yo pressed the Netflix button on the tv, and right as she was about to pick her profile the TV threw her back and started Netflix again… she said she had trouble getting to her program but I was busy as the 7yo was busy asking me about something vitally important at that moment.

Vizio V705x-H1
Old picture is old, but the TV is the same

Oldest started watching her show and tried turning the volume up one notch. It was at twice the normal level before we managed to get the thing to stop. She kept pressing volume down and nothing worked. I rebooted the tv and while I was standing there it seemed to work fine. Instant I sat down it stopped. After the kiddos got off to bed I got to take a crack at it.

Initial symptoms: Any button pressed on the remote was repeated on the TV for several seconds. Vizio app remote works fine. TV can be turned on but then it turns off almost instantly if done with IR remote. Fine if I use the app. Basically any button can be treated like it’s going to be pressed and keep going. Camera showed one quick IR blast and then nothing. Remote was operating normal and not stuck on.

Batteries tested fine but I put a new pair in anyway just to test. No change. I checked the remote on my TV upstairs and it worked flawlessly. I tried the upstairs tv remote and had the same issues with it on the problem child.

Found I could put my hand under the right of the Vizio and it would cause the remote to function. If I put tape and moved a foot or two away the problem immediately resumed. Hard reboots, no change.

I asked the neighbors if they had plugged in any IR extenders and they said no. I closed up the curtains and blacked ’em out a bit just to check but no. The issue was not coming from outside the house.

I started one of the carousel things and noticed while it stopped when I put my hand near, if I was to the side of the tv I had to put my hand extremely close. I got it going full steam and then stepped away from the tv and started walking slowly around the room. The remote rarely worked if I was not within a couple of feet of the TV so my slow progression across the living room was slowed even further but I noticed when I stood in certain spots of the room the fast repeat was now a slow repeat.

I broke out the phone and looked for IR but didn’t spot anything. I narrowed the areas I could stand and slow the repeating down to right in front of the tv, and to the right side of a table and in front of a couch.

Searched the couch, nada. Lifted up my Samsung Tab S6 Lite and bam, everything stopped misbehaving. Remote worked perfectly. This was odd because I didn’t have the Vizio software on the Tab and as far as I could tell it was just sitting there and had no IR blaster in it. I opened it up and verified nothing was going on, but the tv was now working perfectly.

Underneath the tablet on the table was something I’d gotten the kiddos… box for croc lights. Yes, they’re stupid light but they amuse me greatly. Nope, not that. Underneath that was a remote for a disconnected HDMI switcher. I discovered pressing a button on my remote while pressing one of the input select buttons on the HDMI switcher caused the command to repeat.

2023 06 05 22.55.32 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

As I got near the TV the second remote was blocked and there wasn’t a bunch of IR noise. I suspect the input select on the second remote sends out whatever Vizio interprets as “repeat last command” but who knows.

The Samsung Tab was just heavy enough to supply a button press when combined with a box with croc lights in ’em.

Only took me four hours and wading through every anti-Vizio thread on Reddit for the past three years to see if anyone had a fix. Nope, kid put stuff on the table in a pile as opposed to anywhere it was meant to go and triggered another remote for several hours.

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