Hiluckey 25000mAh Solar Power Bank

The Hiluckey 25,000mAh Solar Power Bank has pretty much a complete description right in the title. It’s a power bank with 3A fast charge, a folding solar array that can reach 6 amps in direct sunlight, and a little LED flashlight on the back that you’ll probably never use but it’s also next to no weight added for that.

Hiluckey 25000mAh Solar Power Bank

The charger is kind of heavy, and due to the attached solar panels puts the main battery in the heat while it’s charging. Unless you want to drop one of the solar panels your batteries are going to be warmed up by the sun and probably charge a little slower. I’ve been a fan of the style where the panel is separate from the battery/connected via a cable because you can stick the battery in the shade in other models… but this device here can fit in your pocket.

As far as charging goes, it’s 3amps across all three ports on the unit. Two USB-As and one C. There’s a flap to protect the ports from water entry.

I received the product, promptly drained it, set it outside at 7am and checked when the sun was going down and it had not fully recharged (3 out of 4 dots). I left it an additional day and at some point it topped off the charge.

It’s got a rugged backing and feel, but it doesn’t feel like it will survive drops over a few feet.

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It looks good, fits in a pocket, but nothing impressive

The amount of stored charge per day I was able to achieve without intervention would charge a couple of phones to completely charged.

Hiluckey 25000mAh Solar Power Bank
I put it out in the sun on my deck, did not move it during any charging session

At 25,000mAh with a 6 watt solar panel coming in at 1.32 pounds it’s a little heavier than it needs to be. The lack of any loops, hooks, or space to simply run a string through to tie it somewhere make it less useable as a camping companion.

It’ll keep you running. I suspect that it’s charging about 18,000mAh a day in the sun without repositioning, but I don’t have something that sucks power via USB to test.

The unit I was given the LED light doesn’t function, not that I was going to use it anyway but between that and reading some of the issues people have had in the Amazon review section, I would suggest testing it out completely the day you get it as returns months down the road probably are going to be problematic.

Overall this exists as something that would have been amazing seven or so years ago but today it’s just missing anything extra that you would expect something geared at the outdoor crowd to have.

Useful in an emergency, except there are no charging cables built in, nor anywhere to store them.

The Hiluckey 25000mAh Solar Power Bank is avilable on Amazon

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25000mAh Solar Power Bank
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The Hiluckey 25000mAh Solar Power Bank is avilable on Amazon

Product Brand: Hiluckey

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  • Large power bank
  • Solar charging works well


  • Weight
  • Lack of any way to attach it

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