New iOS update brings out questionable police warnings

There’s a new contact sharing feature on iOS 17 that enables you to share contact information with another iPhone by tapping your iPhone to theirs. Basically the same NFC sharing that Samsung did back in … 2013 but it’s Apple. I’ve got a wallet that I can tap to someone’s phone and they get my contact info. Anyhow, let’s move back to the warnings.

From what I can tell by police warnings on Facebook parents must immediately disable this device. Why? Well police departments don’t appear to understand technology, or are not bothering to tell people the one single scenario in which someone gets guilt-tapped into giving out info they might have not.

This is a non-issue. Your phone’s got to be unlocked for you to accept the request, then you have to tap to share, and yeah. Your kid’s more likely to drop a business card of yours than to willingly share anything more than contact info.

But on Facebook it’s a grave new threat…

The threat is that your phone can transmit a phone number and email if you choose to do it and the receiver’s iPhone can receive it. The threat is as nefarious as your child carrying a business card and exchanging them with people they want.

So, let’s start with that the phone has to be unlocked and physically touching another phone. Oh heavens… I have left my phone unlocked on a table… well hell they have access to my email and can text from the phone to transmit the contact info. If you have an unlocked phone left on a table you have a lot more concerning security issues than sharing contact info. They’re probably in your Facebook friending you or changing your passwords if they’re in your phone. They probably went to system settings and got all your info in a pic… meh

Anyway, here are some of the police departments that are on the crazy train for a useless warning, or to at least need to understand this is less risky than a post-it-note, and the requirement that the phone be unlocked means this is a non-starter.

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