The Gunnar Riot and Stark Enterprise optics

I was sent three pair of glasses by Gunnar for review. I covered the Marin earlier, but I had a quite different experience with the Stark Enterprises and Riot glasses, which I believe is the experience they’re going for (relief from eyestrain / dryness).

Let me start with there are few Iron Man fans who have issue #1 framed and a custom painted Iron Man #1 coffee table by a two-time AGC contestant (rat circus lady,) in their living room… oh wait, it’s probably just me. Point is I really dug iron man, and the Tony Stark glasses give little fan me a *squee* but unfortunately when I wear them I don’t quite capture that Robert Downy Jr vibe, I sort of give off more of a Carl Frederickson vibe.

Stark Enterprises
I sort of feel like I’m closer to Carl than Tony

I dig the metal SI carrying case which I’ll mention and realize I do not have pictures of, but it’s cool. Bunch of little touches make these cool, even if the color is not movie accurate.

Tony’s glasses, at least in Endgame were the Tom Ford FT042, but those aren’t exactly good for working at a screen any length of time.

Gunnar supplied me with my prescription in all the glasses I have reviewed, and it was perfect every time. The opaqueness of the Riot and the Stark Industries was conducive to media working ease. The Marins seeem darker, and are great for everything except although I’m beginning to wonder if the ones shipped to me are an issue as they look darker than the others.

Gunnar Optiks Riot, Stark Industries edition, and Marin
One of these lenses is not like the other
Gunnar Optiks Riot Lens
Riot frames

The Riot, light, good looking, same lens experience I have on the Stark Industries, different shape and case.

The Stark and Riot, did exactly what they advertised. The prescription crafting was on par or better than my regular glasses. Eyestrain is reduced. They’re cool, you should get some if you’re looking for glasses.

We make no money off this review, and I’ve got more than enough glasses to survive the winter. If you’ve got any questions about these in use, want me to test them in some way other than looking through them, ask away. Glasses reviews are not my normal thing. Otherwise check out Gunnar and know that they seem to be pretty fine all around.

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