My mistaken email deluger is missing

Several years ago someone signed up to have every single transaction they ever did on their debit card emailed to me.

Under normal circumstances this would have been an easy fix, but the bank was in Bangkok and they would not talk to me because I was not the account holder. For months until their cybersecurity team accepted that I was not the intended recipient I received detailed information about their whereabouts, purchases, and other items.

They put my email address in for a couple of things so when they changed their gmail account password I got a notification on it, I got the occasional service information that they were trying to sign up for using my email address. I never did find out who they were but about a year or two back it stopped.

Most of the bank card deluge had stopped a year or so ago, but I figured they had just moved on and figured out how to spell their email address, which I assumed was something close to mine.

I got an email from Google today notifying me that their account is going to be deleted for inactivity. I also got what the email address they had been using and noted it was somewhat close to mine.

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It’s an odd feeling knowing someone who kept messing up their own email address has disappeared. I wonder what happened to them.

I also wonder since I’m a security contact for them if I can get a recovery password sent… I’m not planning on doing that but man, this person screwed up on their email in so many places for such an extended period of time I wonder what was going on in their life.

I have no plans to hack their email. I think I could since I’m listed as a security contact. But I’m left wondering who this person was that messed this up so severely that I had to contact an overseas bank and explain again and again I was not their customer and I needed them to stop flooding me with every transaction.

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