Pixel 8 feature drop brings Gemini Nano AI, repair mode

Want to summarize notes in Recorder, smooth out janky videos, better unblur your fancy cat beast, clean up document scans on the fly, smarter call screening, and actually use the AI capabilities that have been touted with the Tensor chipsets? The time is evidently nigh.

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The horror of blurred low light fancy beast shots

I’m not sure how much their AI chipset is involved in this on-device AI, but I’ll let ’em have this one. Gemini Nano is the on-board AI, with Gemini Pro and Ultra being in the new/upcoming versions of Bard.

You will of course have to wait for a few weeks as everyone around you manages to get the feature drop before you… but the other stuff is cool. Yup, it’s another Tuesday and I’m being told by T-Mobile’s updater that I’m on the current system update…. *sigh*

One of the new features I’m pretty impressed with is “Repair Mode”. You can now slap your phone into said mode to take for repairs. No more having to be there because you can’t hand over potential control of your device to someone for any reason (if you’re in IT you know.)

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Repair tech can replace screen, ports, whatever and verify that it works in repair mode and hand you back the device never once having touched your profile. Whoo yeah.

Yeah, this is the first update I’ve been excited to try.

Other features appear to be the ability to use the phone as a camera for a computer, which I thought was out a few months back but that might have been beta channels.

Full list, which includes things for the fold and watches and such, linked below.

[Google Blog]
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