The tornadoes came, and (something) failed me.

Yesterday I was expecting some rain but had projects around the house I was working on. The skies were a bit gray and there was some spattering rain, but there was no reason for me to suspect anything and I did a bunch of cleaning and things I have not been able to do for the past couple of months due to chemotherapy.

TL;DR – 4 devices, 2 MNVOs and T-Mobile, no EAS warnings during an active tornado that passed 8.1 miles north of me.

Update to this: T-Mobile reached out to me and says that the Emergency Weather Alerts issued by the National Weather Service did not include the area of Nashville I was in. I’m going to cut and paste some of the more relevant pieces of the email below

Over the weekend, we issued multiple WEA alert messages in the state of Tennessee into the geographic areas defined by the National Weather Service. You shared that you were in Coleman Park, which I confirmed was outside of the geographic areas that the National Weather Service set. It’s important to note that when a WEA message is received and displayed outside the alert area, it is called ‘overshoot’. This is something that FCC regulations require T-Mobile to minimize.

So looks like my beef may be with the National Weather Service. Going to have to investigate further.

This is the original article:

At 4:17pm a friend of mine texted me and I looked at it maybe five minutes later. A tornado was coming toward 4 miles north of me. I was outside when this text came in and there was a little breeze and some clouds but nothing particularly scary looking. Friend included a photo of a TV with the projected path of this tornado and basically I had 18 minutes at this point to get the kids ready to either run or go into the basement.

image 5 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

A post indicating a tornado was on the ground popped up in our neighborhood group and I pinned it, I used the dreaded @everyone and tagged the group so that hopefully people would know, and we watched as a tornado headed toward our general area but missed us. and we were biting our nails as our friends in Hendersonville were named by street as where the tornado was. We were texting with them as the storms went by, leaving no damage to them and pointed directly toward out friends in Goodlettsville.

Basically this tornado was north of my work, north of my friends in Madison, a block or so North of my friends in Hendersonville, and a quarter mile south of my friends in Goodlettsville. As far as we can tell everyone we knew made it with minimal damage.

But I got no warning. None.

Emergency Alert History
From my Pixel 8 Pro – it’s had no warnings since I received it about a month ago.

My Pixel 8 Pro using an ESIM on T-Mobile shows no emergency alert notifications since I got the phone last month. My wife’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra using a real SIM also shows no emergency notifications. My 10 year old’s Galaxy 9 which is on a SIM from Mint Mobile has no emergency alert. My 8-year-old’s phone which has a SIM I use to test products and is on Ting Mobile, also did not receive an alert.

We had no idea and if someone had not texted me that there was a tornado coming to my area, honestly I would have had zero idea that there was one. I was inside and outside quite a bit during this time and never heard Nashville’s tornado sirens (which is possible to not hear even on a good day,) but yeah.

Default Pixel 8 Pro settings
I checked and everything’s set default on the Pixel 8 Pro, same with the other phones

The only commonality between these phones is the network as Mint Mobile and Ting both use T-Mobile as their backend.

This is absurd. Multiple people died. An emergency alert was issued. I know because some people got it.

4 phones, the only common denominator for not getting a tornado warning is T-Mobile’s network, and probably the T-Mobile tower located next to Coleman Park.

Come on T-Mobile, multiple people died and maybe they wouldn’t have… I know several people who got notifications in our area, and several who did not, so this is a real issue.

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