Google’s Circle To Search rolls out for some

Today many Pixel owners are able to use the new circle to search functionality of Google. I’m not going to spend a huge amount of time on this as it’s basically a better version of Google Lens and can bring a lot of search options to applications and places where there existed no search ability before.

Circle to Search on the Google Pixel 8 Pro

What’s most notable for me is Circle To Search does not solve a problem I’ve had on my phone for years that it could easily solve, that being idiots who email you a QR code that is a link to their website without emailing you the link. Selecting and scanning a QR code in email would have been a game changer, but it’s not there (come on Google, please add that.)

But if you want to search what type of dog is in the background on a photo, or translate images to text, this seems to do a mighty fine job.

If you’re using gesture navigation, just long press where you generally swipe and bam. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. I believe it’s initially rolling out as a Pixel thing and I am away from anything but a pixel today so I can’t test.

It’s useful, it’s cool, here’s Google’s post about it.

Just a reminder, you have to submit feedback to Google to get them to add a feature, so you know, maybe convince them to add that QR translator so I don’t have to grab a second phone to scan the damned QR code that was emailed to me so I can sign up for a kid’s event. Come on Janet!

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