GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro – way more speed than you probably need.

I received the GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro a few days ago and started testing it out shortly after I finished the GravaStar Mercury M2 Gaming Mouse Review. It is nice. When I say it is nice, I mean it is noice. Not sure if my enthusiasm is showing here, but it is a mouse that you want to take into battle with you and the version I got looks like it has seen some fights.

GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro in the box

GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro features

  • Claims to be ambidextrous (side buttons though?)
  • PixArt PAW3395 sensor with up to 26,000 DPI for pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast tracking.
  • Lag-Free Domination: 4K & 1000Hz polling rates ensure near instant response and eliminates input lag.
  • Up to 75 hour game time on one charge
  • Bluetooth, 1K dongle, 4K dongle, and wired connection options mean it’s probably going to work anywhere
  • Magnesium alloy hollowed-out body
  • On-mouse DPI change button
  • Software configuration for various operation
  • Looks cool with the configurable internal LED display

The first thing I noticed was this one appears to be made of metal. The documentation claims it’s a magnesium alloy with Teflon foot pads, which along with the hollowed out design appear to help dissipate heat and keep you cool during use.

The unit comes with a 4K receiver that can attach via a USB cable, or a 1K receiver that plugs directly into a USB-A port, or it can be connected via Bluetooth or via USB cable. So your options for connections are pretty much everything.

The GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro can reach up to 26,000 DPI and 4K sampling, but I guess my question here is what is this glorious overkill intended for or who could possibly use it? I’ve gamed on 125 sample per second mice, it wasn’t great, and 1K polling mice pretty much pushed past humans being able to notice lag (beyond whatever encode/decode was added) so I struggle to figure out what asking the mouse its position 4000 times a second is going to accomplish other than running the battery out a little bit faster, but then again, my fast twitch gaming days may be behind me.

I sort of feel if I needed 4K polling to win a game I’d probably consider just using a wire for my mouse, but you game how you want to game.

The unit’s LED firefly behind can be configured via the GravaStar software to display whatever makes you happy, including just not displaying anything, which is where I’d probably have it set while in any sort of FPS (tends to distract me.) It did take me a bit to get the Mercury M1 Pro paired to the 4K receiver and I’m not remembering why unfortunately but I do remember I had to exit out of the app a couple of times.

The software is downloadable via a link off of GravaStar’s website, but unfortunately it appears to go to the slowest Google Drive download location to ever exist and a small 45mb download took about eight minutes this morning. I hope that since this is still pre-release this is just a placeholder, but that file would do well to not be hosted on Google Drive.

I cannot stress enough that I can not tell the difference between 1K and 4K with the PAW3395 sensor, but I believe I can tell the difference between plugged in via USB and wireless. I suspect even with 4K polling there’s going to be a small translation lag but that is not listed in the documentation I can find. I quite suspect that the lag is low enough to not be able to blame your poor performance on wired, wireless, or the mouse in general but if you need an accurate assessment you are going to need to put your faith in the reviews of a pro gamer. Sadly I ain’t it.

Its a beautiful little mouse, built like a tank. It has a built in hole for the 1K receiver to travel with it, but no accommodations for the 4K receiver. Side note on the 4K receiver – there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn its LEDs off, which I do not desire to see constantly.

The paint job with the battle damaged mouse is extremely cool, but a cool look doesn’t win a rousing game of Minesweeper, does it? There are also some stickers that come with it that while appealing, I’m leaving off for now.

It appears the GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro is currently in pre-order, so the software location may change and be a moot point by the time it’s released. It is currently available for pre-order with a shipping date of February 12, 2024 and at a cost of $129.95 USD, which includes the 4K dongle. After it starts shipping it looks like the 4K dongle is a separate purchase. If you’re not interested in this cool paint job, there’s a different model of the Mercury M1 Pro that can be had for $99.95 (paint job is not going to win your games for you).

You can find the GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro at GravaStar’s website in many different paint jobs (and prices,) alongside other versions of the mice they have.

Pocketables does not receive any commission on sales, we just got a couple of free mice that were extremely cool. Feel free to ask or suggest any testing that can be done on these that might help you one way or the other to decide if this mouse is for you.

Mercury M1 Pro gaming mouse
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The GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro is more mouse than most can appreciate with polling rates of up to 4kHz (4000 times a second) you won't be able to blame lag.

Product Brand: GravaStar

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 129.95

Product In-Stock: PreOrder

Editor's Rating:


  • 1K and 4K polling
  • Looks and design
  • Carrying slot for the 1K reciever
  • Metal skeleton looks good and is strong
  • Every connection type I am aware of


  • High price
  • Can anything utilize 4K / 26,000 DPI or is this glorious overkill
  • Lack of carrying option for the 4K receiver
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