The GravaStar Mercury M2 gaming mouse could give you the edge

While the GravaStar Mercury M2 has taken the spot of my normal mouse, let’s lay it out there that I love my normal mouse with a passion, it’s taken me years to find a suitable desktop/gaming mouse with configuration options like I desire, and it’s not getting replaced (yet at least,) but the past couple of days with the Mercury M2 have me questioning some fundamentals of the game.

GravaStar Mercury M2

tl;dr – old man who is not a gaming mouse reviewer plays with gaming mouse, appreciates the fine tuning abilities, gets owned in many games.

The GravaStar Mercury M2 review

I attempted to throw in a Lose Yourself reference, but failed as there’s not much relatable after “His palms are sweaty.” That’s the first thing you’re going to notice about this mouse is that when you’re full on palming the thing you’ve got some palm-side ventilation that keeps you from heating up. Not that an intense session is going to help a lot, but it might.

The second thing you’re going to notice is the Mercury M2 is light… like the kind of light you get when you order a cheapy mouse off of Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have the light plastic feel of those, it’s just as light as them. I’m a little surprised at how much pressure I managed to put on the thing trying to make it creak only to come up empty handed.

The GravaStar Mercury M2 comes with a 1KHZ polling rate dongle as well as supporting Bluetooth 5.1. You’ll want to use that dongle for gaming as it’s 4x the polling rate Bluetooth 5.1 can achieve from what I can find. Unfortunately at my age telling the difference between 250 polls per second and 1000 polls per second on a mouse is not something I’m able to accomplish.

I don’t know how fast the polling is on USB, but you’d assume faster. This is not documented and we’ve passed my abilities to notice response times by far at this point. USB connection is one of the three options, and also charges the beast via a USB-C connection located at the mouse’s nose.

I’m not a big fan of the lightshow that accompanies this when it’s moved, but it’s also generally under my hand and not annoying. It’s probably cool to most but I like my mice like I like my soul – dark and heavy. Then again, it’s not making the lightshow when you’re moving it, so eh…

One of the things I really do appreciate with this, not gaming so much as the ability to change DPI on the fly (up to 26000). On my other mouse I have an app that does that when I go into apps to edit videos… here I just tap a button.

GravaStar Mercury M2 manual indicates going to download the software on their website.

According to the manual there is software to configure settings on the mouse and it’s downloadable from the website, but at this point it’s not showing. Looks like these ship the 23rd of January so I suspect I’m the victim of the website not being ready yet. I would also probably never use said software, but it’s an option. The media version of the software I was supposed to use is inaccessible as of the time I got the mouse, but I suspect it exists.

I’ve been compelled to see how much weight it takes to feel like you might damage this mouse, but as it stands it’s going to be my laptop’s travel mouse replacing a very rinky-dink mobile option. I don’t suspect I will be doing a large amount of fast twitch gaming on that laptop, but always a possibility.

The mouse claims to have a 300mAh battery, which will last it about 63 hours on the dongle or 82 hours via Bluetooth. I’m going by another review here as I couldn’t locate that in the literature sent to me. Mouse can be used as a mouse while charging from a computer, so cool on that one.


It’s a great little mouse, will replace my laptop/traveling mouse immediately, and when the software rolls out I’ll give it a re-eval and see if it’s what I desire for a desktop mouse. Unfortunately it didn’t improve my gaming skills, but I never really expected it to.

It’s available for pre-order now, shipping on January 23, 2024. Pre-order before then and get a mouse pad.

Preorders can be done on, and the current pricing is $79.95.

GravaStar Mercury M2
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The GravaStar Mercury M2 is a mouse that can reach 26000 DPI, 1Khz polling, and last over 60 hours. It features a unique stripped down look that allows your hands to breathe. Review is by someone this would have benefitted greatly 25 years ago.

Product Brand: Gravastar

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 79.95

Product In-Stock: PreOrder

Editor's Rating:


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Keeps palms dry


  • Software not available at review time
  • Documentation needs some work
  • LED lighting options require software to change / don't like the default (will update review after software available)
  • Glows (breathes) while charging
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