Google jams its Gemini AI in your RCS

Gemini, Google’s probably soon to be renamed public facing AI, is now available via Google Messages as an RCS conversation you can talk to.

At the moment it doesn’t appear to be more than a chatbot interface that can only be accessed from the phone version of Google Messages (not the web interface for some reason.)

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Web interface refuses to let you see Gemini chat

The messenger AI claims it only runs off of the history in the RCS thread, but it doesn’t appear to look very hard in previous messages to determine things unless you point that out. I ask questions about a cat and how to keep my cat out of things and then ask it if I have a cat and it says it doesn’t know. I ask pointedly if based on my previous interactions an assumption could be made and suddenly I have a cat.

The Messages for Web interface tells you to view the chat on your phone, much like when a pharmacy texts you there’s a drug pickup. I assume this was done for some privacy reason I can’t figure out immediately because the text of the response is still sent to the Windows notification area.

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Windows notification for Google Chrome shows whatever the response is. The only thing missing is what you asked.

As with other interactions I’ve had with Bard (now Gemini,) it’s alternately good and terrible. Between Gemini blowing up my texts and Microsoft begging me to install a Bing/Copilot extension for Google Chrome so I’ll use it there, AI’s really getting up in my grill and it’s starting to look a bit desperate.

Gemini via phone claimed it did not have any image generation capabilities at the moment, but asking it to draw pictures results in pictures drawn. I’m not sure if it’s lying to me or if a portion of it just doesn’t know what it’s capable of at the moment.

Uh… sure Gemini

Anyway, yet another way to use Gemini, odd security flex that exposes answers to anyone at a computer that you’ve used Messages for web at.

[my phone]
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