Because everything has to have AI in it, Chrome stuffs it in

The last update of Chrome added the ability to ask Google’s AI Gemini questions directly from the address bar thus reducing the necessity to press “b” and watch it autofill to which redirected you to Gemini’s landing page.

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To access Gemini on a current version of Google Chrome on a desktop type @gemini followed by your question. A full page will appear an you’ll continue any conversation in it.

It does not appear to be working on Chrome Mobile at the moment with my attempts at conversing with Gemini returning horoscopes for my other half cusp.

This doesn’t appear to be more than a fancy redirect at the moment, but it’s something new to let you know that Google has an AI too and you should play with theirs more than Microsoft’s, which wedged its AI into Edge and the online office products I’m told.

Currently no AI model can tell me if there were a third AI model constantly asking the large language models questions and then processing and asking more questions about the nature of existence and self whether it would achieve some sort of self-awareness, or perhaps just a book deal and someone making money off of sentient AI propaganda.

Also no AI model seems to be interested in telling me why my screenshots universally look like garbage on this computer… so obviously AI has failed.. nah..

It’s a neat shortcut, I feel Bing’s much more intrusive approach is going to win out however.

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