Getting a 3rd party solar panel for your Nest Cams? Check the bad reviews first

Something I did not catch when ordering a highly rated solar panel was that it might not work because the manufacturer didn’t know what they were doing when designing a solar panel for the Nest Cam Battery. Additionally the people reviewing it were not testing any longer than was required by whoever sent it to them.

The result is I have in my possession a solar panel that every time a could of significant proportions floats by I get a notification that one of my Nest Cams is not receiving enough power.

Nest Cam Battery plugged into a solar panel that is not correctly reporting it is a solar panel

The problem is the solar panel reports that it’s battery power as opposed to solar and runs like it’s a powered camera for a bit and then alerts me. This is not a huge problem if you have no clouds ever but every cloud results in a notification that appears to be in the same class as any of my other Nest camera notifications.

As I am testing out a few solar panels (yeah, I got stuff going on it just doesn’t look like it after my 3 month medical hiatus,) I can tell you they do make solar panels that identify to the Nest Cams as Solar, and they cost the same.

Above left is a solar panel reporting it’s a plugged in USB power, it will alert during cloud cover. The one on the right correctly reports to the Nest Cam that it’s solar, and I got no issues with cloud and errant squirrel notifications.

Anyway, skip to the 1 star reviews as it doesn’t appear most people reviewing these on Amazon consider constant useless notifications to be a thing.

Side note – the ones I am reviewing had no reviews at time of acquisition, but the crappy ones are filling up with 5 stars even though they work significantly worse, and that burns my goats.

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