Yesterday I discovered my kid’s face in almost every single Nest familiar face detection entry I had

I have a few (60) faces stored in my Nest cameras Familiar Face Detection area. It’s kind of nice to get a notification that our friends are at the door by name and have it announced “Connor is at the door” but a couple of days ago my 8yo got identified as a late 30’s bald friend of ours walking from the car to the front door, and later on was identified as her mom.

In the past I’ve gone in and cleaned out a couple of entries to clear these up. Sometimes five or six photos had slipped in to one contact. Yesterday it was over 100 photos on 45 of the 60 recognized faces, and usually was page after page of my youngest daughter. I cleared out over 250 photos of her on one contact alone.

In all cases the photos started around June of 2023, which to be honest may have been the last time I did any sort of cleanup. I cleared several thousand photos of her and one photo that was comically inaccurate of a friend being mistaken for a UPS driver who looked so much not like him I don’t know how to even start.

My oldest, who has presumably been on the cameras as much as my youngest had a couple of photos misrecognized, but I suspect over all of the ones I cleared out there were maybe 6 of her and 4500 or so of my youngest.

She had been misidentified as a 30-something black man, an 80 year old white woman, a bald man with face tattoos, her mom, her sister, me, our pest control guys, and every single friend of hers.

I start wondering if this might be an evolutionary trait she’s developed to camouflage herself from the machines.

This is not life threatening, but it is kind of nice being alerted that the someone in my yard is the person I am hoping in is my yard.

Moral? Check and see if your child is a chameleon on familiar faces. These can be found, if you use them, by opening the home app, choosing a camera, Settings, Events, Seen events, and under Familiar Face Detection choose manage.

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