Mobile device keyboard typing speeds

What follows are my personal typing tests results, expressed in percentage of my average touch-typing speed on a standard full-size keyboard and actual words per minute (wpm), using both virtual and hardware keyboards on various mobile devices.

The results reflect approximately two weeks of regular use of the keyboards and are based on unscientific tests by TypingMaster (Java test) and Learn2Type. Extended practice and use would yield improved speeds.

“UMPC mode” refers to holding a unit between two hands and typing with both thumbs, while “laptop mode” refers to setting the unit on a flat surface and typing with multiple fingers.

Mobile device
% of touch-
typing speed
typing speed
DialKeys on Samsung Q1P 29% 25 wpm
OQO Model 01+ 34% 29 wpm
Apple iPhone 35% 30 wpm
Nokia N810 Internet Tablet 35% 30 wpm
Aigo P8860 MID 35% 30 wpm
Kohjinsha SA1F00A (UMPC mode) 36% 31 wpm
Sony Vaio UX180P 37% 32 wpm
Sony mylo COM-1 37% 32 wpm
AT&T Tilt/HTC TyTN II 37% 32 wpm
Viliv N5 37% 32 wpm
HTC Advantage X7501 (laptop mode) 38% 33 wpm
HTC Advantage X7501 (UMPC mode) 40% 34 wpm
FlipStart, high-capacity (UMPC mode) 40% 34 wpm
FlipStart, both batts (laptop mode) 41% 35 wpm
Sony mylo COM-2 41% 35 wpm
FlipStart, slimline (UMPC mode) 43% 37 wpm
Raon Digital Everun 45% 39 wpm
Gigabyte M704 45% 39 wpm
Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 (UMPC mode) 45% 39 wpm
Kohjinsha PA (UMPC mode) 49% 42 wpm
Viliv N5 (UMPC mode) 49% 42 wpm
Willcom D4 (UMPC mode) 50% 43 wpm
Kohjinsha SA1F00A (laptop mode) 51% 44 wpm
OQO Model 02 51% 44 wpm
Willcom D4 (laptop mode) 52% 45 wpm
UMID mbook M1 (UMPC mode) 52% 45 wpm
Pepper Pad 3 54% 46 wpm
Kohjinsha PA (laptop mode) 54% 46 wpm
Fujitsu LifeBook U810 (UMPC mode) 55% 47 wpm
UMID mbook M1 (laptop mode) 55% 47 wpm
Fujitsu LifeBook U810 (laptop mode) 59% 51 wpm
Kohjinsha SC3 63% 54 wpm
HTC Shift X9500 64% 55 wpm
Raon Digital Everun Note 79% 68 wpm
Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 (laptop mode) 87% 75 wpm
Sony Vaio P 115% 99 wpm

The results are provided for reference and context purposes only. Your own typing speeds will vary.

Note: I am now typing considerably faster on my Sony Vaio TZ notebook (90% keyboard size) than on a full-size keyboard. My average touch-typing speed on the latter is 86 wpm, while I now exceed 100+ wpm on the TZ. For the sake of the chart, I will continue to gauge my mobile keyboard typing speeds against my now obsolete touch-typing speed.