Do you want your device reviewed on Pocketables?

Pocketables provides exposure to products and programs, however our exposure is only as good as your product and the number of people actually interested in reading about it. Our reviews are generally personal experience and not “yah! get this now!” There are quite a few things we get excited about and say people should get, but all are honest reviews. We’re not really rah-rah bloggers for the most part.

Is the exposure worth it? Usually. We’re worth it to send a unit or two as usually clients make more than what the device is worth back in terms of sales, however if you’re extremely limited on review items consider putting us off until the second round. We’re not the big boys any more.

How much does it cost?

At the moment we do not take compensation for product reviews. The current thinking is if you pay for it to be reviewed chances are we’re going to feel constrained, obligated, etc. I’m told we should consider changing this, that’s another day however.

Unless you’re friends of the site, we’re probably not going to publish your PR piece for a client unless it’s a really interesting device or news item.

What happens to the review items?

Unless otherwise arranged, all products given to Pocketables editors/reviewers/staff/animals/children remain the property of the site/editors/etc. You can request an item be returned on completion, however you will include a method to return this that does not involve the editor having to go out of their way to ship it back.

UPS return post works great, meeting a cabbie after 9pm in a parking lot to return a router, no.

Products will not be sold, or if sold they will be sold after such time as a reasonable amount of time has passed that our review does not bias a reader into purchasing from us. Any items sold will not be sold as associated with Pocketables. EG nobody’s going to do a great review, immediately turn around and sell item on CL pointing to Pocketable’s great review.

Does Pocketables want my stuff?

Bad products don’t work well on Pocketables. We don’t do many bad reviews because we turn down a lot of products. Resellers of products don’t generally fit well either.

We’re mostly an Android shop. This may change if we get someone who wants to write iOS in Nashville area, but we’re not extremely knowledgeable about iProduct and our following is mostly looking for Android-compatible gadgetry, PC stuff, basically anything not Apple.

Not anti-Apple, just not particularly our thing.

I like the cut of Editor X’s jib, can they review this?

If you want a specific editor to review your product contact them directly. Please do check with other people in your organization to make sure noone sends review units to multiple editors. Although we all talk amongst ourselves, chances of catching that Company X is sending Product Y to Editor L is an easy thing to miss.

What about bad reviews?

Generally we don’t review meh product. If your item would be dismissed after the first paragraph we’re not going to waste our time posting about your incredibly sub average or uninteresting product.

If it’s actually bad, harmful, outright lies, is bad for the consumer however, we probably will review it. It will be brutal.

We do give companies a reasonable chance to respond to questions before we go live though.

I know you’ll review this Paul, just sending it to you

Are you supremely confident that Paul will review your product? You can ship it to:

Paul King
810 Dominican Drive
Nashville, TN 37228

This is an office building, so if you don’t have my name on it it’s going to sit.

I was contacted by Editor X who doesn’t have an @pocketables email…

The only person with an @pocketables email is Paul. You can read up on why on the main site. Paul also rarely uses this in normal communications as of 2017 due to 40 minute delays.

Should you want proof someone’s an editor here ask them to edit the following line(s)

Proof: so and so works here and is in communication with X

The world’s first X on Kickstarter/indiegogo

If the product doesn’t exist for review we’re probably not going to mention it. As of this morning there were two “world’s first” emails trying for backer money in my inbox, both of which I’ve played with working versions from other companies before.

Can I run a giveaway/promotion/contest?

Yes. We love giving stuff to our users. The only thing to note is you will only receive the winner’s information from Pocketables. You will not receive any other entrant’s information.

You will also provide shipping and ship to the winners. At no time will an agent of Pocketables be in possession of a winner’s product. This protects everyone involved I think.

That’s a lot of reading

We write a lot.

Shoot an email to (paul at or nopking at gmail) should you wish to proceed.