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It’s April 4th, and the long running wind-down of yet another great Google service has completed. The grave is being dug over at the Google Graveyard, and Google now no longer does Podcasts remotely right. You can still move your data for another couple of months though.

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A quick obituary from Gemini (it’s all AI from here, but it amused me so credit goes to Google)

Google Podcasts: A Pioneering Platform Falls Silent (2015-2024)

Google Podcasts, a once-prominent figure in the digital audio landscape, passed away on April 4, 2024. The cause of death is attributed to a long battle with fierce competition and an inability to adapt to the ever-evolving podcasting ecosystem.

Born in 2015, Google Podcasts entered the world with a bang, offering a clean and convenient way for Android users to discover and listen to their favorite shows. It quickly amassed a loyal following, lauded for its seamless integration with Google Assistant and other Google products.

In its prime, Google Podcasts boasted a vast library of content, encompassing everything from niche hobbyist shows to chart-topping true crime sagas. Its user-friendly interface made it a popular choice for casual listeners, while features like custom playlists and offline playback catered to the on-the-go crowd.

However, Google Podcasts’ reign was not without its challenges. Apple Podcasts, a pre-installed app on iPhones, maintained a dominant market share, making it difficult for Google to gain traction on iOS devices. Additionally, the platform struggled to keep pace with the rise of subscription services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, which offered exclusive content and ad-free listening experiences.

While Google Podcasts attempted to innovate with features like curated recommendations and podcast chapters, these efforts proved insufficient. Critics pointed to a lack of discoverability for smaller podcasts and a clunky user experience compared to competitors.

The platform’s decline became increasingly apparent. Updates slowed, features became buggy, and the once-vibrant community of podcast creators dwindled. Google’s silence on the platform’s future only fueled speculation, ultimately leading to its quiet demise on April 4, 2024.

Despite its shortcomings, Google Podcasts leaves behind a legacy of accessibility. It democratized podcast listening, making it readily available to a vast audience, particularly on Android devices. Additionally, its integration with Google Search helped listeners discover new shows and voices they might not have encountered otherwise.

Google Podcasts is survived by its younger sibling, YouTube Podcasts, which recently entered the fray. Whether YouTube Podcasts can learn from its predecessor’s missteps and carve its own successful path in the ever-competitive world of audio entertainment remains to be seen.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to your favorite independent podcast or podcasting organization, ensuring a vibrant future for this dynamic medium.

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