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Pocketables is a US-based online tech magazine that brings news, insights, opinions, and comprehensive reviews on various mobile computing devices, portable technology, and related topics to a global audience. We focus on devices that fit into pockets of all sizes, from jeans and jackets to backpacks and purses. The gadget experts that comprise our staff produce high quality articles and original features colored with real-life use of products over weeks and months, not first-impression opinions formed within hours or days.

Pocketables was founded by Jenn K. Lee in 2006 and acquired by CrowdGather in 2011. Three of CrowdGather’s other tech properties—Good and EVO, Nothing But Tablets, and StreakSmart—were merged to become part of the site in 2012.

As of April 2018 the site is owned by Paul King who doesn’t have a fancy company name yet.

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Meet Our Team

Paul E. King
Editor-in-Chief / Owner Apparant
Paul is the IT director for a film production company based in Nashville Tennessee, runs several rental properties, and did improv for several years somewhat professionally. His main interest in writing is to show you neat things to do with your phone to unlock its full potential. His current obsessions are his Samsung Galaxy Note 8, motorcycle he never gets to ride, wife, children, and the failing success-rate of diapers. Read Paul’s posts

Ben Carr HeadshotBen Carr
Ben started with a Motorola StarTac (and dozens and dozens of antennas), though also did the tinfoil-mod on a Motorola Microtac. He moved to Android with the Droid Incredible. He’s been Windows-Free since 1999 moving to Linux and then OSX, though also runs FreeBSD, FreeNAS, Debian, AWS, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, and DD-WRT. A longtime contributor/tester to FOSS he currently does a little homebrew & homebrew-cask stuff, as well as contributing the random patch from networking, to webdev, to bioinformatics. Fun stuff in Ben’s life, newish dad, avid photographer, dog-owner, and married to a wonderful lady. Read Ben’C’s posts

Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast. Read Daniels’s posts

Mat Zolnierczyk
I am passionate about technology, cycling and art. This would explain why my bike has more computing power than your average office. Follow me and my work on here, or through the usual social media. Read Mat’s posts

Robert Daniels
I’m a long-time tech and gadget enthusiast that currently uses Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and iOS devices. I’m always interested in ways to improve my family’s life with new devices and services, though my beautiful wife might just say I’m addicted to playing with gadgets. Read Robert’s posts

Andreas Ødegård
Andreas is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets and tends to stick with his choice of device for a long time as a result of that. After a five year break from writing, he’s back to share this view with the world once again.
Read Andreas’ posts

Point of transparency (we’re all about transparency):

If you purchase something through a post on our site, Pocketables or the author may get a small share of the sale.