Meta AI is a thing now, if you’re interested in a barely-connected Ai

Meta has thrown their version of Ai into the fray against ChatGPT and Gemini with a no-account-required Ai that is accessible at Signing in using Facebook allows you to see previous chats and presumably remember other interactions.

Meta’s image generation is surprising as it generates images while you’re typing. It generates slightly faster than I can type so there’s something at every word.

Meta AI image

It also has the ability to create a video of quite a few of the changes it made during creating your final image. Just from this it missed a chunk, but I’m not sure how much AI bandwidth actually needs to be devoted to my attempts at creating a bar scene with a guinea pig and a cockatiel looking at an HTC EVO 4G and checking social media while a kung fu fight is breaking out behind them.

As LLMs go it’s really fast, which I enjoy after watching Copilot (chatgpt) slowly type out the answers.

I threw some questions at Meta Ai, most were “help me remember this” but it seems like there’s a popular culture filter it’s seeing the world through (in other words, a couple of old novellas I was attempting to figure out the names of it did not have much of a clue on.)

Side note – if you happen to have read a short story about a person being introduced to an Ai that generates historical figures that teach us that our pronunciation of Latin is incorrect and that AI Napoleon must be banned from internet access, drop me a line. I couldn’t get any of the 3 major AIs to look into old Sci-Fi.

The instant image generation makes this amazing, the lack of internet and ability to research sort of puts it into my “check back later” category because I need current, not late 2022. My needs, however are not yours. This does some terrific image generation, text generation, but can’t do my research for me. This may be incorrect, it does appear to have some 2024 info I’m just not seeing much of it in my queries.

Meta AI generated photo
There’s an AI generated stamp in the bottom right that I did not intentionally blur, just something about getting this into WordPress via screenshot = blur. I suspect you’ll be looking for that blur on Facebook soon enough.

The hands are, as AI goes these days, terrible. The above image sort of got it right but most have hallucinating hands, elbows, etc. The dirty picture filtering algorithm is in full effect and somewhat laughable. Try and put a semi-transparent hat on someone doing yoga, it blurs things out because obviously transparent hats on women already doing yoga mean I’m going for nudity. But imaging a transparent hats with a woman under them doing yoga is fine.

Meta AI claims to have video generation via /video… however when I use it it just looks up videos that are on Facebook or Instagram… which it does appear to be connected to. Attempts to search for videos that I produced that are on Instagram or Facebook failed however… not really sure how this video searching is going.

Pretty awesome, needs some work, but all of them do. For now, as much as I dislike it, copilot is what’s working for current news, Meta appears to be seeing information from a couple of months back (at least on my site,) Copilot sees info from us a week ago. That said, Meta does not appear to have hallucinated anything other than hands.

You can try it at Meta.AI

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