3G Fujitsu LifeBook U810 has SIM card slot

The HSDPA-equipped Fujitsu LifeBook U810 that users in Japan have been enjoying as the LOOX U50XNX for the past few months is finally headed stateside. Beginning in March, the "winged" U810 will be available in the U.S. with integrated 3G wireless connectivity via AT&T’s broadband network.


Aside from the addition of the antennas housed on either side of the 5.6-inch touchscreen, nothing about the UMPC will change. It will keep its original 40GB hard drive and continue to run Vista on the same 800MHz Intel A110 processor and 1GB of RAM. One minor hardware modification worth noting, however, is the SIM card slot hidden inside the battery compartment.


I stopped by the Fujitsu booth today to ask about the possibility of SIM swapping, as the card in my AT&T Tilt is always itching to get out.



Unfortunately, the product manager I spoke to said that the SIM will be specific to the unit and therefore unable to accept a card from a cell phone. The voice plan from a phone, he said, would be the main issue (is this true?). Data plans with AT&T begin at about $60 per month, which is a pricey recurring cost for a device that can already access 3G networks via Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.

Here are some additional pics from the Fujitsu booth:




The 3G-enabled U810 was also shown at Digital Experience, the pre-CES press event, on Sunday. The display wasn’t as nicely set up, but it still attracted a good amount of onlookers.



I picked up one of those life-size paper models in case it wanted to make an appearance in my full U810 review, which I’ll post in the next week or so. I wish these kinds of models were available at every booth; they’re very handy for size comparisons. The only other one I have is of the DataWind PocketSurfer2.

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7 thoughts on “3G Fujitsu LifeBook U810 has SIM card slot

  • I snagged an actual size UX cutout from the only physical UX ad I’ve ever seen in some magazine.

  • “Unfortunately, the product manager I spoke to said that the SIM will be specific to the unit and therefore unable to accept a card from a cell phone. The voice plan from a phone, he said, would be the main issue (is this true?).”

    Most likely what’s going to happen is that the Fujitsu will be SIM-locked in the US to a specific cell provider ala the iPhone. What matters here is not so much that it is technically difficult to switch SIMs (it’s not), but that the Fujitsu will not be usable with any other SIM except the one supplied to you – until it’s unlocked that is. Once that happens, you can switch SIMs as much as you like, provided you’re in conformity with your carrier’s terms of service, which knowing AT&T you probably won’t be.

    From a technical perspective, there’s nothing to prevent a ‘phone’ SIM from working in a data-only modem or vice versa, provided they both have dataplans attached to them. I actually do this pretty frequently, switching SIMs between my phone and a data card. Both work, for the specific services attached to each.

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    Jenn –

    Glad you posted this info, I was wondering if the new “winged” U810 would have the same specs…looks like it will except for the HSDPA radio. Guess I can keep my week-old U810 now…

    Any ideas on price? Will it be higher, or will the current version get a price drop?

    But if it is possible to swap my iPhone SIM into this like I do with my Advantage, then I may just end up waiting for this new one. Sure would be nicer than tethering.

  • Avatar of luvmyumpc

    I am trying to figure something out, the U10 is actually HSUPA, not HSDPA, correct? I don’t think this is even available yet through ATT, but could be wrong. Also, if you put an edge based sim from an iphone in a HSUPA modem based unit, will it still work once unlocked?
    I am glad I didn’t wait for this feature before buying my u810, I can use my bt cell tether instead and go with Verizon which I get better reception from where i live.
    Anyway, I am waiting anxiously to see what your impressions of the U810 are Jenn. I have used mine pretty much every day I have owned it, but wish it was more pocketable like the OQO as I would take it with me a lot more. Review away.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Nurhisham. I wonder how easily the U810 will be able to be unlocked.

    @ orbital: I didn’t hear anything about price, though I’m sure it will be a bit higher. It would be nice for prospective buyers if the older models got a price drop, but current owners wouldn’t be too pleased. Such is the life of an early adopter, I guess. :-)

    Personally, I think the wings are rather unattractive. We already have to tolerate the extra bulge from the extended battery!

  • Hi luvmyumpc. I’m not sure about your HSUPA/HSDPA question, but the iPhone SIM is actually a 3G card. It may be a violation of your AT&T contract, but putting the card into any 3G-enabled device will give you 3G speeds.

    My U810 review will be the next review to appear on the front page. I’m not sure yet when it’ll be done, but I’m hoping to get it out within the next week or two. I’m still playing catch up after CES so I haven’t had time to really sit down and put some work into the review yet.

    What kind of case are you using with yours?

  • anyone knows where can i get an unlock code


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