Poll: What kind of mouse is best on a handheld device?


When I read UMPCPortal's definition of the perfect microblogging device today, my first reaction was "I want one of those too!" I don't want/need something exclusively for microblogging, as I'm only on Twitter, but an attractive handheld gadget designed for both hands, suitable for use while standing/walking around, and capable of providing a rich desktop-like experience with very little compromise would be an instant must-have for me. In fact, shortly after Steve posted the article, I tweeted about my interest in a similar device that had a slide-and-tilt screen (I love those!) and "some sort of mouse."

But what kind of mouse? These days, most handheld computing gadgets are equipped with some version of at least one of these mouse-like controls: the pointer/trackstick, the touchpad/micropad, and the optical mouse. Some devices have none of these, relying instead on touchscreen navigation. Assuming that all of these units have touchscreens and user interfaces that are either stylus- or finger-driven, what kind of mouse is right for you? Cast your vote below.

I haven't made up my mind on what I like best, though I know for sure that I'm not voting for "none." I like having the option to tap on a touchscreen, but I want another choice, one that allows me to keep my hand position and not smudge the screen with my fingers or peck at it with a stylus.

If the movement is accurate and the "mouse" is clickable/tappable, then I could be happy with any of the three styles. But if I had to choose, it would be a toss-up between a touchpad and an optical mouse because pointers always feel slower to me and most occasionally have "drifting" issues. What about you?

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