One of my 19 domains made it to Squarespace

Squarespace email

I got word today that one of the 19 domains on my Google Domains account had migrated. I’m not really sure how they’re moving them because this one was registered / created at the exact same time as another one (it’s an .expert domain) which is also the same extension. My others I would see trickling in but I’ve got to believe that this and the other one had record numbers pretty darn close. EH, whatever.

The email when clicked on my phone threw up a warning about a suspicious site. I checked it from a computer and saw no evidence to support that, and when I checked again a couple of hours later that warning seemed to have been gone from my phone.

So far all I’ve had moved is a non-functioning domain I own. I am a tad nervous about what happens when Pocketables and theITbaby get moved, but here’s to hoping I don’t have a nightmare attempting to contact Squarespace along with 150,000 other webmasters.

Google Domains being sunset it still one of the weirdest shutdowns I’ve seen them pull… second only to building internet to my building and then not turning it on for 3 years.

They did make it pretty easy to log in and get a squarespace account and see existing domains… literally just logged in with my Google account. Now I am maintaining 19 domains on two different registrars… yay me.

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