Willcom D4 gets MapFan Navii GPS navigation kit

Willcom_d4_mapfan A GPS receiver accessory has always been available for the Willcom D4, but the slide-and-tilt UMPC has never had any special navigation software to go with it. That changed a few months ago when Willcom announced that it had chosen Increment P's MapFan Navii to transform the Atom-based computer into a full-fledged portable navigation device and capable GPS unit.

MapFan Navii has an array of features and can be purchased separately (13,800 yen) or bundled on a 4GB microSD card with a starter kit that includes a flexible USB adapter (the D4, you may recall, is equipped with only a miniUSB port) and GPS receiver with miniUSB host attachment. This kit sells for 24,800 yen (~$254). A separate car mount is available separately for 1980 yen (~$20).




I don't follow GPS and PND news, but $250+ for an add-on kit and software seems rather ridiculous, especially considering that the Willcom D4's operating system is Windows Vista. It's just a "regular" computer that can accept any USB GPS receiver (with a miniUSB adapter) and run just about any navigation software. Why the overpriced mock-exclusivity, Willcom?

If you're still interested or you at least want to see some in-the-wild photos, check out the following reviews (Japanese) of MapFan Navii for the D4:

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5 thoughts on “Willcom D4 gets MapFan Navii GPS navigation kit

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    I like that little flexible USB connector doohickie (bottom photo, item on the right) though….


  • One of those cords could’ve been eliminated by the simple inclusion of a standard USB port! :)

  • Avatar of brandontx1

    time and time again, i always see those huge, usless edges surounding the CLD screen.
    really whats the big idea behind that lol
    looks like pure stupidity.
    ppl want compact, compact and compact!
    if it said to be 7inche thing, then make it 8inches or so not 12 inches. god get a load of it.
    all kidding aside, all the edges combined, would be the same size as the screen itself.
    let us pray for better day tomorrow.


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