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Zune HD is almost here


Some people like to go out on Saturday night, while others like to visit one of their local Best Buy stores in rainy weather. Judging by the picture on the left, you can tell what I was doing, and that was stumbling upon a Zune HD in the wild. While Best Buy had it locked down in typical Ft. Knox-style, at least I was able to check out a few of the screens, even though nothing worked because it had yet to be connected to a computer.

I know this thing will be out for real in just a few short days, but I’m glad I got a quick sneak peek at the player, even though I couldn’t do much with it. The capacitive screen worked great for scrolling and flicking through the sample pictures. Continue past the break for a few more pictures, and no, the bright blue nylon ties are not included with the Zune.

I tried my hardest to get them to sell me one, but they would not, saying the release date is not until this Tuesday. They had about 6-8 in stock underneath the display in a locking cabinet, with a large “Do not sell until 09-15-09” sign taped to them. Also in stock was the Zune HD & AV Dock and a few different DLO cases and armbands, which were all available for purchase.




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