New video of Nokia N900 browser

N900 At the expense of appearing to be a total Nokia N900 fanboy, which I readily admit to, here is yet another post to hold us over until the release of Nokia’s latest flagship device. Leading up to the Maemo Summit this weekend, the folks over at Nokia Conversations have posted a new video of the Maemo browser being put through its paces. The YouTube video, which is just under six minutes long and can be found past the break, shows off the browser in real-life use and yet again proves that the N900 is going to be a force in the smartphone market.

What really has me excited is the implementation of Flash, which looks very impressive in the video. Also of note is the innovative “spiral” motion to zoom in and out of web pages, which differs from the “pinch and stretch” motion that is favored by most other multi-touch smartphones like the Palm Pre and Apple iPhone.

I hope Nokia is getting closer to releasing this phone here in the U.S. so I can stop checking the Amazon preorder status everyday.

[All About Maemo]
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