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Since I'll be using my HTC HD2 as a MID instead of a phone and size comparisons are one of my favorite kinds of posts to put together, it's only fitting that I put the Windows phone alongside some of its competitors in the race to become my perfect casual-use mobile internet device. I have no interest in trying to make the HD2 replace a full-fledged UMPC or other productivity tool (even though it could be possible to some degree), but I've photographed it next to some of them anyway because I know some people use the same gadget for work and play. Have a look below.


My go-to MID before the HD2 arrived was the iPhone 3GS, which will continue to serve as my primary phone. I had high hopes that the Archos 5 Android could be the perfect casual-use MID for me, but it's fallen short for me so far.

So I'll start off the size comparison pics with the HD2 sandwiched between the Archos and iPhone.



And since the Archos 5 Android is already in position, here's its predecessor (the Archos 5 IMT) taking the iPhone's place in the photoshoot.


I don't have very many slate-style devices, as I generally prefer sliders and other units with hardware keyboards, so that's what's up next.



That's the Nokia N810, Samsung Mondi, and Sony mylo COM-2 you see above. All are equipped with slide-out keyboards, as you know, but I've left them "hidden" in the photos for a more direct 1:1 comparison with the HD2. There are some images of the devices with their keyboards exposed elsewhere in this post.





Here's the HD2 posing with a few UMPCs, including some of the smallest ones on the market. From top to bottom below: Willcom/Sharp D4, Sony Vaio UX, Fujitsu U810, Sony Vaio P, Sharp NetWalker, UMID mbook M1, and Kohjinsha PA.







And there it is below with a third-generation iPod touch, Cowon S9, Zune HD, and Sony X Walkman for those who prefer to use their phones as DAPs/PMPs:



Finally, to put the gadget into universally relatable context, this is how the HD2 looks with some office supplies and a Bluetooth keyboard:



The HTC HD2 is proving to be a great size for a MID so far and sets the bar for other manufacturers to seriously reduce their bezel sizes (compared to other gadgets, there's basically no wasted space surrounding the HD2's screen; the face is practically all screen).


I haven't spent enough time using the device as a MID to come to any definitive conclusions about my experiment (motherhood sure is time-consuming!) and size is obviously just one part of what could make a gadget "perfect" for someone, but so far I don't have any deal-breaking complaints.


In other words, I'm extremely happy with my purchase!

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