More ITG xpPhone photos surface, this time with hands-on notes


We've been tracking every move of the ITG xpPhone for the better part of a year now, so when the company's export sales manager sent me a new batch of photos about its upcoming MID/UMPC phone hybrid today, the first thing I had to do was choose the best ones and share them with you.

Xpphone_np (2) 

Xpphone_np (3)

Xpphone_np (6)

Xpphone_np (4) 

Xpphone_np (5)

Xpphone_np (1)

Xpphone_np (7) 

Xpphone_np (8) 

Xpphone_np (9)

Accompanying the images in a separate document was a translation of some detailed hands-on testing notes by Chinese site HelloUMPC, who were pleased with the device's sturdy metal and plastic construction, "frameless" touchscreen, keyboard layout and StickyKey-like functionality, SIM card placement, WES 2009 performance, 5.5-hour video playback battery life, and usage as a phone.

The price list hasn't changed since the last time we saw it and we're still waiting for a solid identification of the AMD CPU powering the unit, but these new photos shed some new light on the xpPhone that's making it look a little more appealing.

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9 thoughts on “More ITG xpPhone photos surface, this time with hands-on notes

  • IDK know what to think about this Phone now. Now that the Phone industry is moving incredibly fast. Will You buy one jenn? Do we expect a review here?

    I like it boz of that Display real estate and a full OS, but it also comes with bulkyness. Dell mini 5 will have the same size but way thinner and have a mobile OS.

    Anyways, it’s always good to have options.

  • I wonder how is it possible to make a LCD with WSVGA and WVGA resolution without scaling on xpPone!?

    EDIT: in this picture you see suddenly XGA resolution, what’s true?

  • Avatar of StarTAC Fan

    Hey Jenn, thanks for keeping a watch on this.

  • I don’t have plans to buy one, but I’m working with ITG to get a review unit.

  • Avatar of melmo

    I think it will be available with different lcds.

  • Avatar of yamete888

    It’ good to see that it could be actually a real, shipping product instead of vaporware…but the current list models are not up to the standards of today’s umpc…so only the XPINSIDE models, which are nowhere to be found, hold any hopes…

  • Avatar of Edpax

    This device is a league of its own. I’ve tried using some mobile devices but the idea that a true xp os inside a mobile device is encompassing. Don’t try compare this to devices running mobile os ‘coz you’re misleading readers. How can you compare oranges to apple?! I can’t even use P2P downloads to that lame mobile devices!


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