Toshiba lets loose with TG02 and K01 handsets

Even with a smartphone share in the US of practically nil, Toshiba continues to crank out some fine-looking handsets for the rest of the world. Last year, they were the first to use Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon processor that has become the brains behind many of today's hottest smartphones.

Their initial offering, the TG01, was at the top of the spec heap when it came out, but without US 3G bands plus the use of a resistive touchscreen, I never paid much attention to it until seeing it in person at CES this past January. Today at Mobile World Congress, Toshiba has introduced the follow-up model, the TG02, and it has a slightly sleeker style along with a 4.1-inch capacitive OLED touchscreen to give it bragging rights over its older sibling. Under the hood, the processor remains the same and it continues to run Windows Mobile 6.5 instead of that newer version that has garnered all the attention lately.

In addition to the TG02, we also have an all-new model known as the K01, which looks to be identical with the exception of a full slide-out QWERTY. Pricing and availability are both unknown, and we'll have to wait and see if Toshiba finally decides to come Stateside with these.

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Chris King

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