Dreo PolyFan 704S – A Wi-Fi connected smart pedestal fan

The Dreo PolyFan 704S is a much taller versions of the then-robustly named CF714S we reviewed last year, and if you liked that fan, this is its much taller cousin with the same basic feature set.

Dreo PolyFan 704S

The main thing I absolutely love about these fans is there’s a setting called “Natural” which switches up output intensities and feels more like a gentle breeze than a cyclone… Although you can certainly have that cyclone level if you want.

The Polyfan 704S claims a reach of up to 110 feet, operates as quietly as 25dB in quiet mode (up to 51dB in hurricane mode,) has 150 degree horizontal and 120 degree vertical oscillation which you can define in the Dreo app, you can trigger the fan going on and off via included IR remote, app, or a connected smart assistant such as Google Home or Alexa.

It is absurdly easy to clean, the height can be adjusted 37-43″, and you can define schedules to kick on and off at certain times if you want a well ventilated house but really don’t want to be asking your smart assistant constantly to turn it on and off.

Some issues I’m not a fan of

There was little in my testing of the Dreo PolyFan 704S fan I disliked, however there do exist a couple of things I will point out. The first being that the power plug is an absurdly large brick that hangs on your outlet and needs to be accounted for before purchase. If you’re on a power strip that the plugs go parallel to the body it’ll need the end spot. If they’re at a 90 degree angle your power strip might tip.

Dreo PolyFan 704S power brick

This bothers me because there’s so much weight in (I’m assuming,) sand in the base, this would have been perfect to run a longer thick power cord and have this contained somewhere on the body of the unit. As it stands if you have cats and a path they practice their zoomies along this is getting knocked out.

The next, similar gripe is the other end of the cable. It resides about a foot and a half in the air. I’m guessing at this as I’m not in front of the fan as of this writing. This means I’ve got a cable dangling in the air that, once again, is extremely vulnerable to projectile felines. This could have been built onto the base and I wouldn’t have an exposed easily cat-catchable wire.

Dreo PolyFan 704S power in

All of this power conversion and handoff really should have been done in the base.

The other is this stand fan is great, but it’s got a six inch height range and a fairly robust looking body. Really wish we had more height adjustment.

The Dreo PolyFan 704S overall

Baffling power choices aside, this exists as a product I would purchase after having used it. Until I used one of Dreo’s fans with the Natural setting and experienced a nice earthy breeze in my house as I drifted off to sleep, I wouldn’t have ever contemplated paying over $100 for a fan. But yeah.

It appears the Dreo PolyFan 704S is only available on Amazon at the moment and not on the manufacturer’s website (this is strange). I would encourage you to give it a try and take advantage of Amazon’s pretty easy return policies if you’re not a fan of the fan.

Dreo Polyfan 704S pedestal fan
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The Dreo Polyfan 704S is an assistant-capable smart pedestal fan with high performance and nature-like modes that works great and includes some truly baffling power choices

Product Brand: Dreo

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 149.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • "natural" setting
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy setup
  • Scheduling


  • Power brick and cable are too noticeable
  • 6" adjustable height doesn't feel like enough
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