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How to mod HTC EVO 4G to work with Palm Touchstone wireless charger


You've all seen the HTC EVO 4G wirelessly charging on a Palm Touchstone. Now see exactly how it was done so you can try it for yourself.

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk. YouTube member infinitemods, who wrote this tutorial, and G&E take no responsibility for any harm done to your HTC EVO or Palm Touchstone.

What You Need

What You Do

Step 1

Remove the induction coil from Pre battery cover. I used a razor to lift a peel everything off in one shot.

Step 2

Place the coil on the EVO's battery cover.


Once the coil is in place, put the battery cover aside for later.

Step 3

Remove the battery and microSD card from the EVO, then remove the 6 screws with a T5 Torx screwdriver. Use an iPod opening tool around the seam to open it. See iFixit's detailed EVO teardown if you need more help.

Step 4

Locate these points at the bottom near the HDMI & microUSB ports and solder one wire to each point.


I just used some random wires of unknown gauge I had laying around; if you use thinner wires the battery cover shouldn’t lift up as much as mine does.

Step 5

Run the wires through the casing.


Step 6

Replace the microSD and battery. It’s going to be tough to get the battery back in, but it will fit.


Step 7

Now grab the EVO's battery cover and solder the wires to the contacts on the induction coil.


Step 8

Close it up and you’re done.


You may have to open it back up and reposition the wiring so the battery cover stays as flat as possible when closed.

This is how much the battery cover is lifted up on my EVO because of the wires I used:


Congratulations! Your HTC EVO should now be able to charge wirelessly on the Palm Touchstone.

This mod should work on just about any mobile device that charges at 5 volts, but the gadget may not hold on to the Touchstone very well depending on its weight, thickness of the plastic, and whether or not the induction coil can fit inside it.

Huge thanks to Danny (aka infinitemods) for putting this tutorial together for G&E!

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