Dell Community website is down, Streak news imminent?


If the Apple website being down can be front-page news on major tech blogs, then the Dell Community site being unavailable may as well be newsworthy too.

The reason this is actually significant, though, is that has been redirecting to for weeks, if not months. It's also commonly believed that the Streak will be formally announced on the Direct2Dell blog, which is housed on the Dell Community site and where the device was first introduced on May 25th as a "hybrid device that lives in the space between a smartphone and other larger tablets or netbooks."

Whether the Streak will greet us when the site is back online is anyone's guess, but I'm sure I won't be the only one hitting the refresh button to find out.

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8 thoughts on “Dell Community website is down, Streak news imminent?

  • its backup but don’t see anything new :(

  • It’s still down for me. says it’s still down too.

  • the site is working for me… ;

  • It’s down for me. For those who think the site is up, please clear your history files and cache so that you don’t load from a cached page.

  • Working fine here…. Tried from several computers and phones in Washington dc.

  • I have DNS turned off and Firefox set to clear cookies & cache every close. Plus I run CCleaner.

    Trying to go directly to brings a “page down” message. Going to redirects to . It seems possible something is afoot.

    Since that page is named in part for the date it was posted, I don’t think that particular blog page will be updated. They’ll have to redirect to the press release or product page when posted.

  • Looks like it’s back – I made the mistake of clicking the link in this blog post which is a link to the page. Typing directly into the address bar worked. Nothing new posted on the Streak and a search on the site yielded nothing new either.

  • Some can access and others find it down .. This is the typical symptom of IP-change propagation!

    This is still can be a good sign! At least, let’s hope it is indeed :)


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