Dell Streak meets Logitech diNovo Mini, keyboard and touchpad fun ensues

Streak-dinovo (1)

One of the best things I've ever done with my Dell Streak so far is to introduce it to my Logitech diNovo Miniir?t=streaksmart 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0011FOOI2 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here keyboard. The keyboard is designed for use with an HTPC/media center but since it's equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 and the Streak (unlike other Android devices) supports Bluetooth keyboards, I figured the two devices would get along.

I knew they would be compatible so I was unfazed when they paired and connected almost instantly, but I was stunned to discover that they just might be soul mates. First of all, just look at them. The Streak sits perfectly on the diNovo Mini's cover; you'd almost think they were made for each other, even though the diNovo is a few years old. Second, not only does the keyboard itself work with the Streak but so does the dual-mode touchpad! And third, some of the other keys work too (e.g., OK/mouse button, volume controls).

Photos and video below.

Here's a quick look at the diNovo Mini:

Streak-dinovo (4)
Streak-dinovo (14) 

An ambient light sensor automatically controls the keyboard's backlighting.

Streak-dinovo (15) 

Streak-dinovo (16)

The keys always glow orange, but the ClickPad (Logitech's name for the round touchpad) displays a green directional pad in "media remote mode" and glows orange in "cursor mode." A sliding switch to the left of the pad makes switching between modes quick and easy.

The diNovo Mini is powered by a rechargeable 930mAh li-ion battery. A full charge takes about 4 hours and is reportedly good for up to one month of use. A 10-minute quick charge will supposedly provide enough power for about one day of use.

Streak-dinovo (8) 

When the Streak and diNovo Mini are connected, keyboard shortcuts appear in the standard menus of the Streak. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any of them to work because there isn't a Menu key or anything equivalent to it on the keyboard.

So yes, the two devices aren't the truly perfect couple. Other flaws of the relationship include:

Streak-dinovo (5)

1. The keyboard base isn't heavy enough to support the Streak, so it will fall over backwards when on a flat surface. An easy fix is to add weights to the bottom of the diNovo or just rest it against something to keep it propped up if you want to use it on a table.

2. The Streak doesn't fit into the keyboard's cover, so there's nothing holding it securely in place. I'm using some pieces of electrical tape in the video below, but I've used it without anything before just fine. The Streak will occasionally slip down when you're thumb typing, though, so be careful.

There are countless ways to keep the device in place, depending on how much you want to modify the keyboard and/or whether you want to attach things to the Streak, so let your imagination be your guide.

Streak-dinovo (9)

3. Because the Streak isn't nestled inside the cover, you can't close it for easy transportation. You need to carry the two units separately.

4. The ClickPad in cursor mode is inconsistent. Sometimes you have to move left on the pad to move up on the screen or up on the pad to move down on the screen. Sometimes moving all over the pad does nothing, while other times a light touch moves things on screen too quickly. There's no on-screen pointer/cursor either, so using the ClickPad in cursor mode definitely takes some getting used to.

5. The volume keys, while they do work, are backwards. You have to hit volume up to lower the volume and volume down to increase it. Odd.

Streak-dinovo (6) 

Streak-dinovo (7) 

Having said that, though, I'm still very pleased with the way the diNovo Mini and Streak work together.

The diNovo Mini isn't the best thumb-board ever, but it's fairly easy to type on (you can see a quick demo in the video) and I love that the touchpad and some of the other buttons work too. You can even long press the OK key or the middle of the touchpad to simulate a right-click and bring up context menus from links.

Streak-dinovo (11) 

Streak-dinovo (12)

Streak-dinovo (17)

Streak-dinovo (3) 

Although you won't be able to input text as quickly as on a full-size Bluetooth keyboard, a hardware keyboard like this is a useful accessory for the Streak because it doesn't use any screen space (most soft keyboards cover at least a third of the screen). Some people may also feel more comfortable with a hardware keyboard for some tasks and let's face it, the Streak and diNovo Mini look amazing together.

Watch them in action below.

Streak-dinovo (13) 

The Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard retails for $149.99 but can be purchased for less on Amazon.

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56 thoughts on “Dell Streak meets Logitech diNovo Mini, keyboard and touchpad fun ensues

  • Unfortunately, I have found no portable/folding/whatever keyboards in an AZERTY (French) format…

  • OK you sold me on that keyboard. I was wondering which one to get.

  • looks more promising

  • I don’t know why people like keyboards. I had a HTC TyTn II,and didn’t use the keyboard once in 2 years.
    The fastest input into my Streak is Swype.
    As far as I can see Swype is the future of all keyboard input.
    The keyboard for your home PC will be replaced by a long slate, or iPad.

  • Site states that it works on Dell streak with android 2.1

  • They exist, but when paired with the Archos 5IT it appaently comes out as QUERTY!? (see

  • Y’know, I had one of these when I was thinking about building an HTPC, but I never did so I sent it back. Now I might buy a used one just for grins to use with this. They do look mated to each other!

  • in a perfect world, Dell (or a third party vendor) would make a similar keyboard that attaches like the dock.

  • CompUSA has it online for $140! Wonderful unexpected write-up, great video. Jenn is it possible to type with two hands rather than two thumbs? I am considering getting a bluetooth keyboard for this and am looking at the small mac bluetooth ones. I prob will not go with this one just for the fact that it wont speed up my typing ‘that’ much.

  • I agree – somebody could create that so it’s weighted, completely encloses the Streak like a hard shell, and attach to the Streak via the bottom port.

  • Tested out mac bluetooth kbd, awesome. As you said the logitech won’t speed up typing, its as fast as on screen kbd yet it looks hot, like they were built for each other.

  • Ah thanks for the reply, great to know. I will now be purchasig the small mac keyboard shortly. I just need something efficient to type on for long emails on the go as well as for note taking. Considering how much I love my full-size one, I am sure the smaller one is just as pleasant.

  • This may interest some people:

    Teksoft BlueInput Lets Android OS Smartphones Use Bluetooth Keyboards
    BY: Ed Hardy, Editor
    PUBLISHED: 3/1/2010

    Teksoft has released a Bluetooth driver that allows users to connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to their Android-powered device.

    BlueInput enables users to turn their smartphone into a mobile office by allowing large amounts of text to be entered much quicker than with on-screen or built-in keyboards.

    It is relatively inexpensive and works with a variety of smartphones and keyboards because it offers universal HID support. Unlike most of its competitors, this app does not require “root” access to the operating system to work.

    Teksoft BlueInput is available now in the on-device Android Market. It costs 9.95 EUR, or about $13.50 US.

    For more information, visit the Teksoft website.

  • Avatar of Plazmic Flame

    It really is the perfect match. I’m surprised how well the Streak fits with it.

  • See also iGo Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard from

  • It would be awesome if I could connect my bluetooth keyboard that came with my HP Pavilion (desktop) although I’m not holding my breath.

  • It isn’t big enough for touch-typing, but you can hunt-and-peck with multiple fingers when the keyboard is on a table.

  • BlueInput works with some keyboards, but on the iGo/Think Outside, it doesn’t register punctuation marks, numbers, the space bar, or the enter key. I tried it on the HTC EVO, which doesn’t support BT HID like the Streak does.

    I haven’t encountered any BT keyboard that does not work with the Streak out of box, so BlueInput isn’t necessary for it anyway. :-)

  • Avatar of cody_norris

    I think this would be pretty useful in the truck in my truck install… Looks like a trip to the store is in order. ;)

  • Thanks Jenn. While the Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard looks like a great match for the Streak, I believe my productivity would be greater with a full-size keyboard. I am more inclined toward the i-Go Stowaway/Think Outside keyboard. I liked your review of it. Do you have any major reservation toward it? Would you recommend it or a different brand?

  • No, I think it’s one of the best full-size BT keyboards out there. :-)

  • Jenn, I just noticed that the iGo Stowaway keyboard has been discontinued by the manufacturer, although Amazon has it for sale. I would be concerned about support. What do you think of the Freedom Bluetooth Keyboard, if you know? It has HID mode as well as SPP mode.

  • Yeah, it was discontinued a few years ago. You can still find them brand new and sealed for decent prices sometimes, though.

    The nice thing about the Freedom keyboard is that it has a dedicated number row. The iGo/Think Outside has a lot of keys that are triple mapped.

  • Yeah I actually was a pretty fast typer on my X1 with the keybaord it had. Although I can lay the Streak flat and pick and type, pressing actual buttons is much nicer. To be honest, I really enjoy the stock keybaord that comes with the Streak. Haven’t had a need to install Sywpe yet. I just purchased the Apple bluetooth keybaord for way to much than it is worth at BestBuy and I must say, it works perfect with the Streak.

  • yeah it is a great keyboard, I’ve been using it with my archos 5IT since i got it and its been working perfectly and the fit is the same

  • congrats Jenn! the sites has gotten a lot of attention for this one!

  • Jenn, I could KISS you….(Hubby, not nearby I hope??) :-)

    This has absolutely sold me on the Dell Streak, although I am still not thrilled about the 1.6 version of Android it ships with – was hoping for 2.1 at least!

    But the ability to pair with bluetooth kb’s……priceless!! The Logitech & Streak do look great together. They will be my constant travel companions!

  • Dell Branded i-Go Ultraslim BT Keyboard

    can u try the streak with this keyboard and give us ur review

  • Understood, but I was commenting on a keyboard combo specifically made for the Streak. The picture you posted definitely is the design I’d be looking for, but I think the keyboard is poor. Doesn’t resemble a QWERTY layout.

  • Haha, no, they are not copying. They are just linking to the story. As long as the proper source is cited, which is always the case at Engadget and Liliputing, then the link is much appreciated and actually helps this site get more exposure. A lot of
    blogging is about mutual back-scratching. It keeps the community thriving. Thanks for looking out for me, though!

  • Ordered one used off of amazon for $80+$5 shipping it was the last one left.

    The diNovo looks sweet…its almost like it was made for the streak. The damn thing even has a scrolling thing.

    My streak is going to be practically a laptop.

  • Avatar of yosemite-sam

    i see the people finally picked up on this lol well done!

  • I am really impressed with this new keyboard:

    Would love for you to get your hands on one when available. The site has very tiny pictures :(

  • Jenn and my fellow Streakers, let’s start a campaign so Logitech can design a similar keyboard for the Streak specifically where the Streak would snap snugly into the clam shelf half. If it did that, you would be able to carry the Streak in this thing as well so it would double as a carrying case.

    What say you?

  • Actually, the volume keys work fine. Anyone who has a Streak knows that volume up and volume down are reversed when in landscape vs portrait mode.

  • Hello there,
    i have a ‘Dell Streak’ and cannot pair the Di Novo Mini Keyboard with my Dell Streak.
    Always i receive the information ‘not possible to pair – wrong PIN’…
    I testet many options, for example ‘0000’, ‘0123’, ‘1234’, ‘9999’ and so on…
    Can anybody help me please ???

  • Frank-I’m having the exact same problem. If you’ve found a solution I’d appreciate hearing it. I’ll bookmark you and pass on any information I can find.

    [email protected]

  • Nokia has had a smaller, foldable bluetooth keyboard out years before the Dell i-Go.

  • I see the appeal with Keyboards.
    Particularly Bluetooth ones.

    You can use the same Keyboard, for a Number of different Devices, which means that You don’t have to be constantly re-adjusting, for different Devices, which means that Your typing faster.
    (Yes, Health Experts, it will make Your RSI. Onset faster, too.).

    What I don’t follow is this whole, “I’d like a Streak with a Bluetooth Keyboard, in a Clam.”, thing.

    Why not use a wired Keyboard, (save the Battery,) or get a different Phone?

    Call Me unimaginative, (and I do like Your Imagination,) but it’s like having a Single-Shot Mode, on an Machine Pistol…
    It’s just WRONG.
    (In a Jolly way, not in an ignorant, phobic way.).

  • Avatar of Dave

    Does this still work with the official Dell froyo 2.2 update?

  • Absolutely love the look of this – anyone know if this hit the UK?

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    Keep up the great writing.

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