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Quick tip: Volume buttons awaken HTC EVO 4G

Evo-vol-buttons While many people have happily left the Apple ecosystem for the HTC EVO 4G, some still miss being able to awaken the iPhone with one of two buttons: the power button at the top and the home button below the screen. Having to press the EVO's power button to awaken it isn't a problem, but since the button is more recessed than many people would like it to be, it can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. Its placement on the top right has occasionally tripped up some folks as well.

But while the EVO doesn't have a hardware home button, it does have a volume rocker. And unlike on the iPhone, pressing the volume up or down button on the EVO does awaken the device from standby if you've disabled the lock screen. It does it without adjusting the volume, too, so you don't have to worry about having to readjust it later.

So to all you former iPhone users out there, don't spend another second wishing the EVO had two buttons that could be used to awaken it. It already does. And if you count the volume rocker as two separate buttons, then it actually has three!

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14 thoughts on “Quick tip: Volume buttons awaken HTC EVO 4G

  • Is there a setting to turn this feature on? I have a new Evo and it only wakes on the power button.

  • If you have the lock screen disabled and you have security screen active… wouldn’t that be bad?

  • So it doesn’t work without installing the current buggy/non-working version of an app called Screen Mode Widget. Weak. Disabling the lock screen should be an android option.

  • I tried NoLock, but i disliked it based on 3 reasons:
    1. Evo randomly wakes up and turns screen on once awhile. With NoLock it will need to wait for my 10 minute timeout for screen to turn back off. Even though I have all of my update notifications turned off that I am aware of such as market/htc update check. Maybe the service called google_talk for update on google’s remote delete/install is the culprit, not sure.
    2. Not counting the problem with issue 1, the awake time I measured is still substantially increased, thus battery gets killed.
    3. Volume button makes a sound when turning the screen on.

  • I concur with Ed. The nose the volume rocker makes is a deal breaker!

  • I use Screen Mode Widget. I found it neither buggy nor non-functional. Works great for me. As with everything, YMMV. And I don’t worry about security as I use Screen Suite, which I prefer to the default screen lock.

  • I also installed Screen Mode Widget and it works fine for me. Volume rocker buttons wake phone. Really handy when I’m listening to a podcast on Listen and need to pause it.

  • Hmmm? Mine makes a noise everytime. And I don’t see any options in the app.

  • It makes a noise with ScreenModeWidget? I thought that only happened with NoLock.

  • yeah. mine chirps like you are adjusting the ringer volume, but it actualy isnt adjusting it. i have version 1.5.4

    doesnt bug me tho. great app and thanks for the tip(s).

  • I used No Lock widget but it ate battery life. However my EVO never made a sound with the volume rockers.

  • Ok to check this out I installed the Screen Mode Widget. Sure enough this causes the evo to chirp when waking with the volume rockers.

    I noticed there is another version of the widget, which is probably what is causing the confusion. One is by Sam Chiu. The others are by sam chiu (case matters).

    It is a shame that people can slip in their crapware by using a name change like that.

  • Just get “no lock.” Works great for me. Never an issue. just a 1×1 widget.


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