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Complete list of HTC EVO Bluetooth profiles found in hidden setting

Evo-bt-profiles If you've ever wondered which Bluetooth profiles the HTC EVO supports, you may have been less than satisified with HTC's official information: "The phone supports . . . Bluetooth Headset, Hands free, A2DP, and FTP, as well as other standard profiles."

We know that non-rooted Android doesn't natively support the HID, DUN, and PAN profiles (unbelievable, I agree), but it would still be nice to know a bit more about these "other standard profiles," don't you think?

Fortunately, all of the EVO's supported Bluetooth profiles are listed right on the phone. I was messing around with a field trial setting the other day (a carryover effect of all the rooting and flashing I've been doing over on Streak Smart) and found the screen you see here. In addition to identifying the Bluetooth chipset without the need for a teardown, the screen shows the full list of supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, FTP, HFP, HSP, OPP, and PBAP.

It would have been much more exciting to see HID, DUN, or PAN listed but simply disabled there, but at least no one has to wonder what "other standard profiles" means anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Complete list of HTC EVO Bluetooth profiles found in hidden setting

  • Avatar of Steven

    Do you know what apps work with the avrcp profile so I can control my music from a Bluetooth headset? The only app I’ve been able to get working on my Evo is Stitcher.

  • Avatar of Steven

    Nevermind. I figured it out. It was in fact stitcher that was blocking all other apps from using the remote controls. I uninstalled it.

  • Avatar of cristoforo

    Yes it support once ur connect to ur Bluetooth device tap and hold the model Bluetooth device and should give u an options click that and go check media to Bluetooth etc and vola it works a2dp

  • I’d like to connect an Igo Stoaway bt keyboard. How can I reach this screen pictured. I want to use it as a starting and reference point.

    BTW about my issue. Device is seen once scanned for, but can not pair as of yet.


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