Dell taking Streak on cross-country tour until November

Streak-across-us Since the Dell Streak isn't being carried in stores, prospective buyers aren't able to check it out in person. Not being able to get some hands-on time with a device can push some people toward another gadget, especially when hundreds of dollars and a screen size that many think is too big are involved, so giving consumers the opportunity to see the Streak in real life is important.

And if the people can't go to the device, then perhaps the device should go to the people. I'm guessing this is one of the reasons that Dell is currently on the road for its two-month Streak Across America tour.

From September 10th to November 7th, the Streak and a bunch of mannequins (yes, really) are hanging out in 9 cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Minneapolis) to let people "interact with the Streak and and continue to express [their] artistic talent by putting [their] mark on one of the streaking mannequins." Each event—there are 25 in all—is at least 5 hours long, so there's plenty of time to paint a mannequin (I don't get the connection either), play with the Streak, and order it right then and there so you can "save some serious cash instantly." Dell is also giving away 99 Streaks, presumably only during the tour period, via Twitter so be sure to follow @DellHomeUS.




I don't know what the events have been and will be like in person (I live in Hawaii), but based on the photos it looks like there's too much mannequin and not enough Streak.

[Facebook | Plixi (photos)]
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