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How to share and save voicemail on your HTC EVO


Whether it's for sentimental, vindictive, or informational reasons, sometimes you'll receive a voicemail on your HTC EVO that you'll want to share and/or save. Lucky for you (and perhaps not-so-lucky for the sender of the message, depending on the content), the EVO's standard voicemail app lets you do both.

To share a voicemail via email:

  1. Launch Voicemail on your EVO.
  2. Navigate to the desired message.
  3. Tap Menu -> Forward.
  4. Enter an email address in the "To" field at the top.
  5. If necessary, mark the message as urgent or private using the checkboxes at the bottom.
  6. Press the Send button to send the voicemail in .wav format to the recipient.

To save a voicemail:

  1. Email a message to yourself using the instructions above.
  2. Retrieve the email on your EVO.
  3. In the stock Mail app, tap the attachment and select "Save to SD card" from the pop-up menu that appears.
  4. In email apps that won't let you save the attachment (e.g., Gmail), use your computer to download the voicemail and save it on your hard drive.

Thanks, Tiradora!

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3 thoughts on “How to share and save voicemail on your HTC EVO

  • Jenn,

    This is a great feature. For those who do not want to have to login to their computer to download the voicemail, they could also use the browser based Gmail to download the file.

    I haven’t ever used the standard voicemail on the EVO as I find the Google Voice features far superior, but if I did, this would be very handy.

  • Avatar of FifthE1ement

    I have found you can save them directly to the phone using the phone memo/voice recorder. This also works for recording important phone calls (where legal, lol). Simply start up the memo/voice recorder program and then make a call and record (or vice versa). This also works if a call is becoming important and you thin you might want it for later simply quickly go to the app and start recording. Perhaps Jen you can do a post on goodnevo (if you haven’t already) about what I suggested so others can backup their calls and voicemails onto their phones for FREE! :)

  • But that will mean the voice mail no longer has the original Date/day/time stamp


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