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Dell reconfirms Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for Streak by year’s end

Dell-android-updates Although some of us are already enjoying vanilla Froyo on our Dell Streaks, anyone holding out for an official update from Dell shouldn't have to wait much longer to get it.

The company reconfirmed its commitment to push out Froyo to all Streak customers by the end of 2010. No specific date has been given (I've heard November mentioned in the past), but it will be "much sooner" than December 31st, the last day of the year.

In related news, Dell will not be rolling out any more Eclair updates, so if your Streak didn't already get it via an OTA update, then you'll continue to live with Donut for a while longer. The official upgrade path for US customers has always been Donut -> Froyo, so the fact that Eclair will not be served to us is merely confirmation of information we've all known since May.

So hang tight, folks. Froyo will be here soon. The unofficial 2.2 beta build I'm running on my Streak will probably be updated several times before the official Dell-skinned build is released, though, so you may hear about that a few more times first.

[Dell] Thanks, anonymous!

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17 thoughts on “Dell reconfirms Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for Streak by year’s end

  • Avatar of jdmnash

    android noob question: will the update erase everything like a fresh install or just upgrade like a service pack?

  • Jenn, thanks for the update! At least we know they’re not dead and are working on Froyo.

    My question is have you heard anything else about the Streak coming to BestBuy in October… Classic Dell style, its 2 weeks into Oct and we’ve heard nothing about it. I’ve got the money and ready to pull the trigger on the streak but I’m waiting to get if from BestBuy.

  • Jenn – question for you, but didn’t know where to put it…

    have you tried to install the hacked hulu/flash app you mentioned in your top 10 rooted apps for htc evo4g? Flash installed beautifully for me on 2.2 streak so i’m very curious.

  • Thinking the same thing, I just perused/searched the BB site — nothing, squat, nada, nichts.

  • Yes, and it works. I am going to repurpose that post here later this week, possibly tomorrow.

  • Avatar of dbrown

    wtf by the end of the year????????? RIDICULOUS

  • Agreed, but at least they’re popping in every once in a while and saying something. Better than just leaving people hanging for months at a time like they did with the launch, or saying October 28th for Froyo, then not living up to it.

  • sorry this was supposed to be a reply to JMS up above.

  • I installed 2.1(8105) last night thanks to MoDaCo forums(great instructions).

    The one thing I noticed right away was MUCH better keyboard behavior vs. 1.6. And then I couldn’t get Market or any other app from Google to run – the error says to check for an internet connection, but then I remembered a little news item about UK Gmail accounts.

    If you are a US user and login with instead of I believe you will get the whole thing working – it did for me. Now I have 2.1 with Market, Talk, Gmail, etc. all working. And for me this is MUCH smoother – the keyboard automatically adds ‘.com’ in the browser URL bar, for example. Love it and can’t wait for Froyo!

  • I guess I just might not understand all of this as I should, but if you want to go to 2.2 now, you have to go to O2 first. This is something I don’t understand, I tried this earlier to get to 2.1, but after the change to O2, the rest didn’t work. I finally got back to my original 1.6.
    Is there just no way to go to 2.2 with the US version?
    I just think waiting is the way to go if I have to go to O2 first.

  • KDR, what do you mean ?

  • Avatar of Darren Brown

    Is the 2.2 OTA UPdate going to be made available to the UK, as I will be able to use all the great new features and play online poker too!!

    P.S im picking up a brand new one today from my 02 store

  • Avatar of John W

    Dell Streak – when I go to system updates (UK) today instead of saying my device is up to date it is taking me to Microsoft iis7 web hosting – is something about to happen very very soon with the OTA???


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