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Poll: What is the best HTC EVO video chat app?

Evo-vid-chatI'm one of those girls who doesn't leave the house without getting ready first. That means my contacts are in, my hair and makeup are done, and I'm not wearing my pajamas or play clothes. It also means that when I'm at home (where I also work), I don't want anyone popping by unexpectedly or seeing me when I'm not presentable.

So don't be surprised when I tell you that I'm not a huge fan of video calling. My husband and I will do video Skype on our computers sometimes, but that's the extent of my video chatting experience. My four daily-use devices (HTC EVO, iPhone 4, Sharp IS01, and Dell Streak) all have front cameras that support video calling . . . and I've never used the feature on any of them. Sure, I use the front cam for fun with my 11-month-old daughter sometimes and I've used it to check out the image quality before, but that's about it.

But based on all the tips I get, I know I'm in the minority and that most of you make video calls all the time. So which app do you use? Vote in the poll below and let me know which app you like best. If I ever decide to make a video call on my EVO, I'd like it to be with an app that shows me what I've been missing.

Note: Yahoo Messenger with video support is unofficially available for the EVO courtesy of matthewjulian from the xda-developers forum.

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19 thoughts on “Poll: What is the best HTC EVO video chat app?

  • Avatar of Ray Spencer

    Played with Qik in the beginning and wasn’t impressed and haven’t video chatted since.

  • Much like 3d TV or 3d computers I have absolutely no interest in video chatting and unless I was overseas and away from my children for extended periods of time.

    It seems more novelty than anything else but for those that can’t live without it- rock on.

  • I use skype video all the time, it has replaced our polcom standalone large units… And have played with all the above on my evo, and face time on the i4 but I just don’t think its there yet.. Until there is a solution that works very well across multiple platforms, it is a toy and not a must have yet…

  • Haven’t used it too much. Mostly so my son can see his godfather since he lives out of state. I think Tango is the best simply because there is no account set up. Just enter your number and it shows you which one of your contacts has the app on their phone. Plus its cross platform. Yahoo is a close second because you can chat phone to PC and vice versa. But I had to set up a yahoo account to add to the other 16 email addresses and passwords I cannot remember.

  • I have friends on the iPhone and I have the EVO and we can talk cross platform on Fring

  • What do you guys think of I have it installed on my EVO and it seems to take good streaming video, and it looks like it has a chat feature as well. Anybody use that?

    At the Adobe MAX conference they showed that the RIM Playbook’s video chat is created entirely with Adobe AIR. That tells me that Gingerbread, when it comes out, will have an entirely in-house videochat solution for Android devices, not reliant on a third-party app and this question of “which app to use for video chat” will be answered for us”. It will be built into the phone, much like Apple.

  • Avatar of Greg L.

    I’ll be curious to hear what the results of the poll are.

    The quality seems to suck with Qik and I dont know enough people who have Qik on their phones.

    Fring is easy to use and works with the iPhone4 BUT the interface is clunky, ugly and I hate that it doesn’t show you which network the contact is on such as AIM, GTalk etc. I just can’t stand how Fring looks…it’s like chatting using a Spongebob Square pants application

    I haven’t tried Tango yet but I’ve read it has the best video quality and iPhone support. Again though you’re limited to users who actually have the program on their phone and I don’t have any iPhone friends who are using Tango.

    I tried the Yahoo app and it works great but I just don’t have any family or friends who use Yahoo messenger so it’s limited to me.

    I hope Skype will release a video chat version of their Android app that works on all carriers. I use Skype on my home computer to video chat with my parents so it would be easy to have that on my phone and have phone to PC support.

  • Try Tango, the video and audio are a lot clearer and its easier to use!

  • That (Skype video chat that works on all carriers, including phone-to-PC) is exactly what I’m waiting for. I was just about to set up Skype on the home computer, and use Fring as the app to connect, but then there was the breakup.

    I think that we’ll have to wait for enough server space, and I think it is likely to require a subscription fee.

    Skype is likely to have the opportunity to sew up the market, if they are ready for the pent-up demand for phone-to-PC calls. Television manufacturers and cable/satellite/telephone companies are likely to follow-up and perhaps create a market for video-call capable televisions (and adapters for existing sets), with HDTV resolution (for the market to accept it), that could require a huge amount of space to handle the bandwidth. With that, I don’t expect it to be free.

  • Avatar of Splaktar

    Yahoo is the only one that can do video calls between a phone and PC, so it is the only option that I can even consider. The app itself needs some enhancements (like using the phone speaker or a BT headset) and it needs some bug fixing. But it does have the 1 feature that is a requirement for me.

    The whole reason I bought the EVO was for video chatting, then Fring and Skype screwed that all up. I video chat multiple times a day with Skype on my PC, I just wish it worked on my phone.

    I guess that Skype just pulled the plug on their voice calling with Nimbuzz too. Hopefully they stop making the marketplace suck more and start releasing some quality products for Android!

  • I hate qik. The other party has to touch a button when they talk.

    Am I missing something cuz my Fring and Skype don’t have vid chatting??

  • Avatar of Tiradora

    Fring so far works for me on the Evo. Not the best quality video(which i attribute to the light sensor in main camera), but it works. The Skype doesn’t support it yet on the phone, however a PC can choose the video option(by mistake)and it will still come though…just no video.

    *Going to give Tango a try…i hope it has more settings than Fring…I’m not a fan of the sounds or the sounds’ volume.
    Qik’s walkie talkie style defeats the purpose.

    Not interested in putting anything Yahoo on my phone yet. I will update after trying Tango.

    *its new, a year ago never had it, never cared about it…how much does anyone really use it?

  • When I am out on business travel…video calling is a great way for my partner and I to keep in touch. Even though Qik isn’t that great – I have to say when away from home, a video call brings you home more than just voice alone. But we have been disappointed with Qik – so we have tested Tango and will give it a try when I head out this week.

  • Avatar of Rich V

    Very true Ryan

    I have done the same as you and not one of the video chat programs have impressed me.

  • I don’t video chat often but I use Tikl Push To Talk alot. But I’ve tried Qik And then started liking Fring but only used it a couple times. I may try Tango it got good reviews but I need my friend to get it also. I see where you can do Yahoo from XDA but I don’t know if I want to try that or not. But I don’t video chat enough but would like to try Tango at some point. Just now heard about it from here.

  • Used qik, stopped using qik. Moved onto Fring and while it worked fine, just wasnt a fan of the interface. Just had too much stuff going on. Now I’ve come to really enjoy Tango. Not only is the interface cleaner than the other options, it just feels more natural and less cumbersome to video chat. open the app, click contact to video call. thats it(of course the other party needs the app as well). It’s stock-like ui is definately plus. no spongebob ui like mentioned above lmao. but anyway, I still keep Fring on hand for those times when I dont want to share my number with the person I’m video calling. Tango also has the best sound and video quality of the apps I’ve tried. And since Sprint switched on 4G in my area yesterday there has been virtually no delay in sound or video while video chatting with Tango. Now while I understand it may still be a novelty to some, for both my lady and I it helps the day go by to Tango a little when we are apart. It’s also been a lifesaver a few times when I’ve had to pick my daughter up from school after she’s had rough day and had to drive home in rush hour traffic. Her mother’s face always makes her smile.

  • Cross-Platforms means PC, OSX, Android, IOS are the minimums…I use it for friends and family in other countries…Having it on my phone for these platforms will make this not a “toy”.

  • Avatar of freedom

    You say you have a sharp is01. Its running on android 1.6 version. do you know any app that can do video chat with this version?

  • Temporary root on a HTC Evo with z4root allows hotspot. Then I use my Ipod 4g to facetime over the 3g connection from a bus taxi or anywhere I get 3g. Good video and no voice lag.


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