Sysbay S-MD08 Android 2.1 tablet packs a mystery 1.2GHz CPU


Since Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform burst onto the scene, 1GHz has been the clockspeed benchmark for all other mobile processors to aspire to with many of the current breed matching the magic number, but very few if any exceeding it. With the next breed of Snapdragons and its contemporaries around the corner, one new candidate for the clockspeed crown comes from an unexpected source and is surrounded by a degree of mystery.

Hailing from a Chinese company called Sysbay, the S-MD08 tablet hits the headlines with a processor clocked at 1.2GHz. The exact identity and specification of the processor are a bit of a mystery with it only being revealed that it's an integrated platform that includes an ARM application processing core with a DSP and GPU. It's possible that it may just be a very highly tuned ARM11 core, but the very high clockspeed does imply that it may be something newer and more advanced. Other specs for the tablet include a 7-inch WVGA touch screen, 256MB DDR2 RAM, Android 2.1 OS, WiFi and 3G data connectivity, 720p HD video playback, HDMI output, support for microSD cards, and a high capacity 4000mAh Li-on battery good for 6-8 hours of use (measured playing back video) and 30 days of standby.

The unknown identity of the processor core in the Sysbay S-MD08 leaves the device surrounded by questions, and we're uncertain of its true speed credentials even in light of its headlining 1.2GHz clockspeed. But the number is still very impressive and we'll hopefully learn more of the chipset and tablet in the near future.

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