Motorola Xoom wi-fi officially at Staples

Motorola XOOM™ Tablet 10.1 in with WiFi Staples® Google Chrome 3272011 43008 PM.bmp - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

For all of you eager Honeycomb fans, Staples officially has the 32GB wi-fi only Motorola XOOM in stock. The tablet is going for the $600 price tag that has been thrown around the internet for months now. We all know how much the XOOM has catapulted stumbled into the spotlight with the half-baked issues of the Verizon version. The wi-fi model should alleviate some of the issues. Meaning you can actually keep the tablet the entire time you own it, instead of having to send it back to Motorola to turn on the wi-fi. Of course you still have to wait for that SD slot capability that has been promised. Either way, your turn at a $600 tablet.

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Allen Schmidt

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