EraThink unveils EraPalm, less powerful Ocosmos OCS1 with less appeal


If you've been keeping up with the UMPC/MID scene this year, then 1) you've had a lot of time to do other things and 2) you thought of the Ocosmos OCS1 the second you saw the EraThink EraPalm above.

The Atom-powered EraPalm slider is being shown at a consumer electronics fair in China right now and is gaining some worldwide attention due to its built-in game controls, QWERTY keyboard, 5-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, Windows 7 operating system, 3G connectivity, 1080p video support, and HDMI output.

Yep, it's a lesser spec'd version of the keyboarded OCS1 that reportedly still stands a chance of being released along with the two slate versions (one with detachable controller) shown off at CES 2011. The sleeker-looking OCS1, as you remember, features a 5-inch WSVGA capacitive display, 1.5GHz Oak Trail processor, 64GB SSD, 3G, HDMI, two cameras, and Windows 7.


Pricing and availability are just as vague with the EraPalm as with the OCS1 variants, so unless it's inexpenive and comes out tomorrow, the former really doesn't have anything to offer over the latter. Both may as well be considered vaporware at the moment, sure, but if there's a chance of either one making it to market, then my money's obviously on Ocosmos.

[Cloned in China] Thanks, Kilomaka!

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3 thoughts on “EraThink unveils EraPalm, less powerful Ocosmos OCS1 with less appeal

  • 800*480 screen resolution is a definitely failure.

  • Looks kinda hidious… The gaming buttons are always visible but yet they are cramping a keyboard under a sliding screen. Makes you think they are better off with a full sliding screen with the gaming and keyboard buttons hidden beneath it. Furthermore a clamshell is also a better alternative. Waiste of space.

  • This is one of the 2 case designs that will work perfectly for me in my application (along with the convertible). I waiting (kinda) patiently for something to ship.


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