Sony S2 tablet to leverage music, video, gaming, and e-book services

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While the hardware of the newly announced Sony S2 Android tablet is certainly interesting, the real story to me is how tightly integrated it will be with Sony's existing music and video (Qriocity), gaming (PlayStation Suite) and digital reading (Reader Store2) services.

There are a number of Sony Blu-ray disc players, internet TV devices, HDTVs, home theater systems, and network media players on the market today that are compatible with Sony’s Qriocity music and video services.

I had looked into purchasing the Music Unlimited service when it became available in the United States, but decided against it because of my inability to use the service on my existing portable devices. The introduction of the Sony S2 will bridge all of these services to portable devices as a unified package.

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The ability to access these services, as well as games through Sony’s PlayStation Suite and e-books through Sony’s Reader Store2, on the S2 will give buyers more reasons to choose Sony. Leveraging its broad content infrastructure in the mobile space will give the company a leg up over most of its competition. Only Apple (through iTunes) and Amazon (through its MP3 and instant video services) will be able to deliver the same breadth of content as Sony.

The fall release of the S2 will allow me to streamline all these media modalities to a portable device. What can I say, Sony? Sign me up!

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