TouchRetouch HD: Clone tool done right

The clone tool that you find in Photoshop and lots of other photo editing software (including Filterstorm Pro) is quite a powerful tool if used right. Problem is that it isn’t the most easy to use feature in the world, and you wouldn’t expect your grandmother to use it. TouchRetouch fixes that issue by automating the entire process; all you have to do is select the part of the image you want removed (by using a mask or selection tool), hit “go” and it magically disappears. Considering the entire process is automated and supports high res image output (on the iPad 2, anyways, don’t know about the iPad 1) it is extremely accurate. As you’ll see in the video I made above, it did have some issues with some fences, but any sort of repetitive pattern (buildings, trees, snow, whatever) will be handled with ease. For $0.99, it’s a steal.

[via TUAW]

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Andreas Ødegård

Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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