Windows Phone music player now available on Android

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What have we here? Well it seems that Frederico Carnales, the insanely popular developer for LauncherPro for Android has gone ahead and developed the best looking music player for the Android OS. It looks like he took his cues (cough*cough) from the new Windows Phone Zune player, and it really looks amazing. Scrolling is done in a similar fashion, as well as the rest of the feel for the app. It’s in alpha version right now, but to be honest is pretty full featured and works better than most consumer ready apps. I loaded it up on the XOOM and am absolutely loving it. Now if this might interest you, make sure to hit up the link and install before some powerful folks from Redmond, WA (U.S) get word of it. Video after the break!

source: Engadget, Frederico Carnales (Twitter)

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