Cincinnati Bell has Dell Streaks ready for T-Mobile 3G

This guest article was written by Alex Winzenread.

Tmobile-streak If you're a Dell Streak user wishing that your favorite 5-inch pocket tablet would work on T-Mobile's 3G network instead of being stuck with sluggish EDGE 2G, then your problems may have just been solved. Cincinnati Bell, a small Ohio-based mobile phone company, now stocks Dell Streaks equipped with T-Mobile 3G bands!

This means that T-Mobile users should now be able to enjoy speedy mobile data without having to track down a rarer, more expensive T-Mobile-ready unit.

The difference between these new Streaks and the average AT&T-ready Streak is the inclusion of 1700/2100MHz 3G (UMTS) bands–the same bands T-Mobile uses in their smartphones for 3G service. When you purchase a Dell Streak from Cincinnati Bell, all you should have to do is get an unlock code, pop in a T-Mobile SIM card, and enjoy!

We've covered obtaining unlock codes here at StreakSmart before, and there are a few ways to get them. Our favorite is to use the Dell Streak Unlocker software, which provides the code in a matter of minutes for the price of $29. It’s fast, simple, and effective, giving would-be T-Mobile Streak users a solution by giving them the unlock code (which Dell keeps stored on the phone) that needs to be entered when a T-Mobile SIM card is first inserted. An alternate method would be to struggle through Cincinnati Bell customer support and try to get an unlock code from them, but if you plan on going that route, you might as well start pulling your hair out now.

All those interested in picking up a T-Mobile-ready Streak from Cincinnati Bell can grab one at the link below.

[Cincinnati Bell via xda-developers]

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