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How to take screenshots on HTC EVO View 4G without HTC Scribe digital pen


Taking screenshots on Android devices generally requires either the SDK or root access. The HTC EVO View 4G, however, needs neither of these things. As with iOS devices, screenshot capabilities are built right into the 7-inch tablet.

Sure, the HTC Scribe digital pen lets you capture any page so that you can scribble on it, but it's an $80 optional accessory (currently free when the View is purchased with a two-year contract) that not everyone will want, use, and/or carry with them at all times. Fortunately, taking screenshots can be done without the pen. Here's how:

  • Quickly press the power button and Home button at the same time.

That's it. And yes, this is the same method used on iOS devices.

The View has two sets of capacitive buttons (Home, Menu, Back, Pen options), one for use in portrait mode and one for landscape. The power + Home combination works in both orientations.

If only the EVO 4G and EVO 3D had this basic functionality . . .

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10 thoughts on “How to take screenshots on HTC EVO View 4G without HTC Scribe digital pen

  • thanks for that tip – I just used the Scribe pen for the first time, and I’ve got to say, IMHO, that it’s wonderful! (of course I got it with the EV4G in the promotion – don’t know if I would fork over $80 for it, though). I do think, for people who take a LOT of notes, it will change the face of that!

  • you can take screen shots by shaking your evo phone without any kind of rooting if you have the app Shootme

    available in the market

  • ShootMe is root-only and doesn’t work on the latest unrooted GB update for the 4G or the 3D. HTC patched whatever exploit that was originally there that let it work without root. The app is never “supposed to” work on devices without root. We just got lucky a couple of times.

  • Just hold the power button, and press the home button as you hold the other.

  • Avatar of Dude

    i have an htc 3D and it works the same way..

  • I tried this but It does not work on my htc evo 4g.any advice?

  • My 4g says it took the picture, but its not in camera shots

  • Avatar of Brooke

    On the HTC EVO 4G LTE phone you can press the Power button and Volume down button at the EXACT same time, hold them down for about 2 seconds and you’ll see a floating picture, that then gets tucked away. You can pull down the notifications bar to go to it, or see it in the Screenshots folder of your Gallery, where you can open it to view/edit/share it.


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