Huawei releasing 7-inch MediaPad tablet

Huawei MediaPadHuawei has been getting some attention with the release of several low-priced tablets. Its latest is the MediaPad, which is expected to be running Honeycomb 3.0 or 3.1 and sporting a dual core processor along with 3G, WiFi, BT, and front and rear cameras.

If Huawei keeps the price in the $349 range, as many expect, and gets a Tegra 2 chip in there too, we could be seeing a very nice tablet for a very nice price.

Assuming it really is running Honeycomb, the resolution should be 1280 x 800, which would be a much higher resolution then we have seen on 7-inch tablets so far.

We know the MediaPad will be thin like the Huawei S7 Slim, and it looks very sleek too. I think this will be nice to carry around when you just want to be as portable as you can be. 


Huawei is expected to release the technical details of the MediaPad on June 20th, so we have about a week of waiting left before we find out more.

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2 thoughts on “Huawei releasing 7-inch MediaPad tablet

  • Is this the device that was suppose to be the Slim Pro. I’ve been following the Huawei tablet since it was called the Smakit S7. Although the original device just didn’t have the specs to make it mainstream, I think a device with these specs could fare much better. I for one wouldn’t expect a device with those specs to go for a $349 price tag though. That is far too low. I’m interested to see if they will load 3G voice in this one like they did with the first. Albeit with the proper frequencies this time.


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